Flappy Bird – The Buzz. And 3 Addictive alternatives.

 A video game recently gained unprecedented success taking the internet world by storm. In a bizarre turn of events, this was also the only short-lived video game in recent times. Yes, we are talking about the popular game  – Flappy Bird. Although the game released back in May 2013, it topped the free app charts in the iTunes store only in Jan 2014. Within few weeks the game developer decided to remove the addictive game from the app and play store.

How did Flappy bird fly towards success?
The masochistic Flappy Bird was one game which was obnoxiously difficult to play. The instructions of the game were rather simple. You help a funnily cute bird, navigate its way through interminable stream of pipes, in order to collect 4 medals.
The difficulty was to get the bird to fly through the pipes without having it fall. This game had very minimalist-style-like Nintendo Graphics. It was also emblematic of the yesteryear game Mario.  This game wasn’t relentlessly difficult but it was rather "I need to score some points" type of difficult. It was this difficulty that lead to the game’s popularity. Combine this with some word-of-mouth publicity, and boom you get a viral video game.

Why did Flappy Bird stop flapping?
The genius behind the game, Taiwanese developer – Dong Nyugen became the target of several haters for pinning the game down. Earlier this month, Nguyen tweeted ‘’ I am sorry Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I cannot take this anymore." He also added that he created the game for fun and as a stress reliever, but it in turn led to it being an addictive game.
3 alternatives to Flappy Bird
If you’re one of the few who hasn’t had a chance to play this intriguing game then, congratulations, you have had the chance of saving your phone. Yes, a high chance that you will almost break your high-end smart phone because you haven’t crossed a score above 5. There are several apps leveraging this highly popular game. Some of which are banned/rejected while others are still available in the market. We give you three archaic clones which are as vexatious as Flappy Birds.
Splashy Fish
This is the exact same thing like flappy bird, it even has Flappy Bird don the avatar of a fish called splashy. The instructions are the same, tap the fish and help him swim through some under water obstacles.
City Bird
Flappy Bird goes urban in this version of the game. The key goal is to help a seemingly round bird over the city without crashing into any skyscrapers, which serve as obstacles.
Flappy Pig
The term ‘When a pig flies’ is purely treated as adynaton, but what if this is actually true? You will find cute adorable little piggy as the protagonist. The goal is to help the pig fly through a farm without crashing into an obstacle. This obstacle is quiet a disturbing one, since it resemble juicy pieces of bacon.
If you still want to try out the original Flappy Birds, you might want to check out the desktop version which is available online.
Our views
The incident over the removal of this game is perplexing. Why would the developer, Nyugen, delete the game after its claim to fame? Even though he faced a lot of flak from gaming giants, Nintendo, for ripping off their style, the maker reached dizzying success. He was earning close to  $50,000 from the ad revenue of this game. What do you guys think? Tell us your views!

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