The funniest women on the Indian stand-up scene

Is there anything better than a funny woman? We don’t think so! Fortunately for us, this is a great time for female comedians. Stand-up comedy, previously a boys’ club, has found tough competition from some seriously funny women (oxymoron intended). Here are some of our favorite comediennes currently on the Indian stand-up scene:
Aditi Mittal
There’s something about Aditi Mittal‘s brand of comedy that never fails to make us laugh! Whether she’s discussing Voldemort, sex or Bollywood, she adds a special element that cracks us up everytime! And of course, how can we forget characters like Mrs. Lutchuke?
Better known as Lola Kutty, Anu Menon is undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of Channel V. With her unique and eccentric take on everything, she quickly became a hit. And it was all for good reason! But don’t take our word for it, just check out her rendition of Michael Jackson‘s Thriller!
Neeti Palta
If we had to describe Neeti Palta‘s sets in one word, it would be ‘brutal’. Whether she’s taking on Indian men, current affairs or weddings, she spares no one. However, this is exactly what makes it work! After all, a lot of her jabs are things we wish we could say!
If you loved The Week That Wasn’t, Kaneez Surka needs no introduction. If you thought she was funny then, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! With every sketch and stand-up set, the comedienne manages to leave us in splits. Improv, sketch comedy, stand-up – There’s nothing this funny lady can’t do!

Vasu Primlani
Vasu Primlani, who’s also a triathlete and an environmentalist, brings a fresh perspective that the Indian stand-up scene previously lacked. After all, who knew a TEDx Talk could cause side-splitting pain? In what can easily be called one of the funniest TED talks ever, Vasu Primlani talked about why rapists need pedicures. If that seems absurd, you’re in for a ride!
This is just a taste of the hilarity that awaits you at Rinse Cycle, a two-woman sketch comedy show. What’s better? You can see two of these comediennes there too! So, hurry up and book your tickets before it’s too late!

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