Another season of Game of Thrones has come to an end, and the last episode had more than its share of shocking twists and insane revelations. This season has indeed been one crazy roller coaster; being the first season to release before its book. Book fans were in for a surprise as much as the show fans, and neither were left disappointed after the jaw-dropping season finale. With the next (and probably the last) season not likely to release for another year, we bring fans the most shocking and twisted moments from this season, to cure their GoT longing. Take a look:

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Do not read if you haven’t watched the season or the finale.


When Jon Snow is resurrected

Last season ended with a huge question: Is Jon Snow dead or alive? The beginning of Season 6 answered that question when the brothers of the Night’s Watch carried Jon’s dead body into the tower. But Melisandre came to his rescue and resurrected the Lord Commander from death, not only bringing him back to life, but also igniting his thirst for revenge.  


This staggering ‘like father, like son’ moment

Roose Bolton was destined to die, and after his terrible betrayal at the Red Wedding, his death was welcomed by most fans. But no one expected him to die being stabbed (the way he killed Robb Stark) by his own son. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, after all!



The burning of the Temple of Dosh Khaleen

Last season we saw Daenerys stranded in the middle of the desert, and eventually cornered by the Dothraki army. Later, she is taken to Vaes Dothrak, where she meets the other Khaleesi widows, as her fate is being decided by the Khals. But no one tells the Young Queen what to do. She ultimately burns down the holy temple of Dosh Khaleen and takes charge of the Dothraki army.



Hodor’s premonition and death

We always adored Hodor, even though he spoke no more than one word. He was loyal to the Starks, a quality hard to find among GoT characters. This made his death, and the revelation behind his name all the more heart-breaking. RIP, Hodor!



When Tommen betrays the Lannisters

The Faith, led by the High Sparrow, shamed Cersei with her Walk of Atonement, and were to do the same to Margaery. But this time, the Tyrells and Jaime intervene with the power of the Crown. It would have all gone down well, and the High Sparrow would’ve met his death earlier, had Tommen not changed sides and united with the Faith. This simply proves that little boys must not be Kings.



When Ramsay meets the end he deserves

Remember when Ramsay Bolton tortured Theon? And the time he raped Sansa? And killed his step-mother and half-brother? One of the most twisted villains of the show finally met his deserved end this season through his own hounds. Sansa watching him die was a bittersweet moment, especially when she let the dogs out on him.



When Cersei finally gets revenge, but loses Tommen

We all knew that Cersei Lannister was not going to back down easily. Her scheme with Qyburn was finally put to test when they burnt the Sept of Baelor and everyone inside (including Margaery Tyrell). Unable to deal with the bloodshed in his city and the death of his wife, Tommen commits suicide, and Cersei loses the last of her children.



Arya’s return for revenge  

Nobody was sorry to see Walder Frey die, especially at the hands of Arya Stark. The badass Stark is back in Westeros to complete her hitlist. As the Faceless, she started with Walder Frey by slicing his neck, the way he had her mother killed. We are excited to see who Arya targets next. Cersei better watch her back. And her neck!



R + L = J

This season confirmed the fan theory that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. One of Bran’s flashbacks takes him to the moment when Ned Stark’s sister hands him baby Jon, and makes him promise he shall look after him. With a new Targaryen in the Seven Kingdoms, we’re excited to see who will finally ascend the Iron Throne



Brace yourselves for Season 7!  

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