The festive season is upon us and it’s time again for gorging on everything delicious. Christmas festivities are extremely difficult to ignore and why should you, anyway? The holiday period will most likely throw you off your normal routine but it is important to make your body strong and resilient beforehand. And it is said that, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” so why not take the right preventive measures? If you follow these 5 perfect tips before you go on a festive destruction, we bet you will thank us later. So, read on and make sure you make a note of these.

Drink more fluids:Get Your Body Christmas Ready by following these 5 simple tips- BookMyShowWell, we understand drinking plain water gets boring at times, just add a dash of lemon and a few slices of cucumber into your jug of water. The infused water is going to be like a little gift from you to your kidney.

Dry skin brushing:Get Your Body Christmas Ready by following these 5 simple tips- BookMyShowPractice this 3-4 times in a week, every morning before you shower. It unblocks the pores, brushes away dead skin cells, waste products and dried minerals which may block your pores. Your skin is guaranteed to feel smoother and fresher.

One green smoothie or juice in a day:Get Your Body Christmas Ready by following these 5 simple tips- BookMyShowDieting is not just about saving your body from junk, processed food, it can also mean adding something more nutritious to your diet. For just one week, try adding one green fruit and veggie juice, preferably at breakfast. It will get your taste buds used to more fresh and juicy stuff than sweet and processed carbs.

One small pot of full-fat, live, organic dairy yogurt per day:Get Your Body Christmas Ready by following these 5 simple tips- BookMyShowNot all fats are bad. Add more quality fats to your diet and you will notice a vast difference. Instead of a large pot of low-fat artificially sweetened yogurt, take a small serving of full-fat, live, organic dairy yogurt. We bet, you will enjoy it more than those artificial sweeteners.

Break for breakfast:Get Your Body Christmas Ready by following these 5 simple tips- BookMyShowIt’s rightly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So by no means should you skip ‘brekkie’. If you do miss it, you are more probable to keep snacking during the day which would be worse.

These tips are extremely simple to follow and do not require any major changes to your routine, whether you are a working professional or a home-maker. Make sure you adopt all of them and you will most definitely look like a Christmas belle.


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