We all would want to have legs that look uber sexy just so we could rock that outfit we picked up from our favorite outlet. However, most of us often have to deal with various skin problems like ingrown hair, cuts, bruises and dark pores (strawberry legs). If you think you will never be able to get those Instagram-worthy legs, you need to stop worrying. We have some help coming up your way. All you need to do is promise to keep it at.

Read on to find out how you could get the legs of your dreams:

Scrub/Exfoliate your legs
In order to lift ingrowth, scrubbing regularly is important. This makes it easy to remove hair that is tucked under your skin.

When doing this, pay attention to areas that are prone to dryness and open pores.

It is important to note that you shouldn't exfoliate two days after you wax, considering your skin is still sensitive. However, you can resume on Day 3.
Scrub Legs - BookMyShow

Prep your legs before you shave/wax
Those of you who shave, remember to do this in the shower. The heat helps open up your hair follicles.

Before you shave, use a body scrub to exfoliate. Then go in with a shaving foam after you have rinsed off the scrub completely.

Note that if you want a smooth shave, use a fresh blade.
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Before you decide to wax, ensure that your hair reaches its ideal length1/4 inch. Hair that is too short will cause pain. While hair that is too long can cause it to snap mid-way.

Scrub your legs daily before you wax. This helps in getting rid of dead skin. The lesser the dead skin, the easier it is to wax. This only means less pain.

Also, remember not to use lotion before a wax. This will ensure proper gripping of hair.Wax - BookMyShow

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
You know your legs' worst enemy? Dryness. Moisturize your legs regularly to make your skin softer and to reduce ingrown hair.

If you end up cutting yourself after a shave, moisturizing is a good repair.
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Dab a pimple cream
Your pores need just as much care a pimple would. They should be unclogged. Use a product that contain glycolic acid or salicyclic acid.

Dab some every night on areas that require it. If done regularly, your pores get smaller.Pimple Cream - BookMyShow

Let your legs breathe
Often the cause of ingrown hair is tight clothing such as skinny jeans, leggings, etc. Give your legs a breather. Wear airy, loose clothes. This will result in a reduction of in spots.

If you aren't comfortable wearing wearing short skirts or dresses, you could opt for longer dresses and skirts.
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If you know of other ways to get smooth legs, share them with us!

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