Giddy up! It’s Party Time

Woohoo.. it is party time again! So what are you planning to do this Christmas and New Year? Of course, you wanna party like crazy and get sloshed. Come on! It is the party season after all. Time to unleash the party animal in you!

Speaking of parties wouldn’t be just awesome to be at some of the epic parties that we see in the movies? Just imagine those hilariously insane situations, party games and the awkward hangovers … don’t we all want to be at those parties!
Here’s a piece of imagination to guide you through some of the parties:

National Lampoon’s Animal House

 Welcome to Delta Tau Chi House! Don’t get paranoid if you see broken furniture, bottles, dirty clothes strewn all over the place. It is not at all a crime scene! Animal House is a 1978 frat party movie directed by John Landis. What we loved was the infamous Toga party. So if you were there, you would be roaming around with a beer wearing a white sheet like a Roman/Greek with interesting headgear. A bit of smashing around here and there with John Belushi or maybe excessive flirting with the Dean’s wife or the Mayor’s 13-year old daughter. And of course you can’t help but groove and do the 60s dance moves to Otis and the Knight’s performing “Shout.”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Join a young New York socialite, Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), in her cocktail party where all the crème de la crème of Manhattan is there. From the millionaire from Manhattan to a lonely author, you will find everyone. If not anybody, there is the ‘Cat’ for some animal company.  The host will be in her signature black Givenchy dress socializing with everyone, very easy to spot. PS: Please dress prim and proper.

Dirty Dancing

If being prim and proper is not your style head towards the resort in Catskill Mountains. Make sure you go to the staff’s quarters, only thing is, outsiders are not allowed in the quarters. But worry not, you can always carry some watermelons and pretend like the staff. Once you enter you will see couples doing the sultry and seductive Mambo also known as ‘Dirty Dancing’. If you are not much of dancer wait for the hearthrob of the party Jhonny Castle (Patrick Swayze) who will literally sweep you off your feet on the foot tapping number of The Contours- Do you love me.

Midnight in Paris

Are you fascinated by the 1920s? If yes, on a drunken lonely night while you roam around on the streets, in case you see a 1920s Peugeot Type 176, just hop in. Fret not, if you see people dressed up in the flapper dresses, just smile and go with the flow. Magic will start once you enter the lavishly decorated hall. You will see Cole Porter cheerfully singing ‘Let’s do it’ Plunge on into the classy party mode, sip on some champagne and socialize. If you are lucky you might encounter the Fitzgeralds, Josephine Baker and also  Alice B. Toklas.

The Great Gatsby

Can’t get enough of the 20s? Make your way to Mr.Gatsby’s flamboyant mansion where almost whole of New York party animals flock. Governors, gangsters, gossip columnist, playboys, billionaires, film stars … you will find everyone. Mr. Gatsby throws elaborate parties every weekend at his mansion, there are lavish spectacles to which people long to be invited. You would be the lucky one if you get a special invitation by Gatsby’s chaffeur. Get drunk, dance to trippy music, enjoy the fireworks and who knows you might bump into the mysterious Mr. Gatsby!

Project X

If Mr. Gatsby’s party was a chic affair, Project X is a party which is absolutely wild. Organized by three nerds, this is a party which you won’t forget in your entire life. Well, there  aren’t any guidelines that can be given for this epic party. You just have to be there and go with the flow.

This Is The End

To start with this party is held at James Franco’s house. But it ain’t a formal affair. All the Hollywood biggies will be there.You can chill and share a drink or two with Jonah Hill, Emma Watson, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson … and list goes on. But be alert the party does not end up in a way you will expect.

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