It’s Steven Yeun’s birthday! Fans of The Walking Dead franchise know (and love) this actor, even though eyes well up with tears at the mention of his name.  A series regular on the show, Yeun’s character, Glenn Rhee, was killed off in the first episode of the latest season. After six whole seasons, Glenn was somewhat of a hero, and his death did not go down too well with his fans. Especially since it was brutal, and Glenn’s longtime love, Maggie, was pregnant with their child. Why Glenn, why? We all cried, but there was nothing we could do. The actor is definitely missed on the show, as since his death, there have been nothing but dark days.

But today is not a day of mourning, but a day of celebration. Glenn still lives on in Steven Yeun, who turns 33! Let’s take a look at the actor’s best moments on the show and why we love him so much:

Warning: Contains graphic and disturbing scenes. 


When he met Rick for the first time

If you do not count Morgan, Glenn was Rick’s first friend in the series. Glenn and Rick grew closer, and were a part of every heist, kill, takeover they planned thereafter. But we cannot forget this very funny first encounter between Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee, especially when Rick had lost all hope of survival:


When he fought the walker in the well

Not many would be willing to be let down a well that traps a scary zombie. Glenn not only went down, he also managed to get the rope around the walker, which enabled the others to get the walker out. His smug face when he managed it all is basically all of us when we accomplish something big:


When he shared this adorable moment with Maggie

Glenn and Maggie would always be The Walking Dead’s favorite couple. Nothing could separate them – not the walkers, nor The Governor. Their first romantic encounter, however, was kinda cute and funny. Glenn didn’t see it coming, and we certainly did not. But we’re happy for him anyways.


When he fought a walker while tied to a chair

While all eyes were always on Rick, Glenn quietly stole the award for The Zombie Apocalypse’s Baddest Badass Ever. He killed walkers, people, and anything else in the way to keep himself and his group safe. Sometimes, he didn’t even have to use his hands. When he was kidnapped by The Governor, he fought (and killed) a walker while bound to a chair!


When he called Rick a dumbass the second time

In Season 5, we thought Glenn had almost died again. Throughout the show, he had faced death many a times, but this time, we thought that was it. What made us believe so? When Glenn first met Rick, he called him a ‘dumbass’. We thought these would also be his last words to him, especially after rumors of his death surfaced online. But Glenn made it, and life was good again.


When everyone thought he died

After all the rumors, Glenn’s apparent death did occur on the show. He was fighting the walkers with Nicholas by his side, when they were cornered by the dead. His nemesis throughout the season, Nicholas lost hope of survival and shot himself in the head. As he went down, he took Glenn along with him, and we felt our hearts stop beating.


But he hadn’t and hope was alive again

TWD fans across the world decided to riot over Glenn’s death. We don’t know if that is what made the makers of the show change the plot, or it was a tease all along. When Glenn went down with Nicholas, he managed to creep underneath a dumpster and keep himself alive, as the walkers devoured the carcass. If only he were that lucky with Negan and Lucille.


RIP Glenn, and a happy birthday to Steven Yeun. The show will never be the same without you!

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