What could you do if Godzilla was your pet?

We all have daydreams. Whenever we get bored, our brains take us on a journey through imagination. So I was thinking to myself, what would happen if I got Godzilla as a pet. You know, some people keep iguanas as pets, in that vein, what about Godzilla? How would having a giant lizard monster change the everyday? Interesting thought, isn’t it? 

1) The daily commute would become easy. All you have to do is just hop on your friendly Godzilla and take a few steps downtown to work. No traffic will stand in your way. Rude drivers? Hah! Crush them. Honking motorists, fling them aside. Your own personal steed of awesomeness.

2) Whenever someone shows pictures of their cat being cute, you can out-cute them with pictures of you sunbathing with Zilly (yeah, I think he needs a name other than Godzilla, let’s test it out). Now you don’t have to suffer while looking through someone else’s collection of pictures of cats in silly hats. Zilly is also an amazing conversation starter.

3) Zilly would be perfect for those days when all you want to do is rampage through the countryside. You know those days. When nothing goes right, you have forgotten your wallet, your boss is yelling at you and the internet is down. Godzilla would be perfect for those days, you wouldn’t have to pay at a restaurant, he could just threaten to eat the maitre d, and when your boss starts yelling, all Zilly has to do is roar.

4) If I had Godzilla as my pet, I would take a walk in a wildlife reservation with him. No reason to worry about ravenous lions, tigers and bears, oh my! (5 points for anyone who got the reference) Zilly would keep me safe as I explored the world.

5) If you have an arch-enemy or nemesis, then having something as huge as Godzilla would be great. A snap of his jaws and good-bye, evil overlord.

6) You could go to battle with cities while sitting astride Godzilla. If anyone disses you or your hometown, with the help of Zilly, you could turn them into quivering piles of flesh.

7) The world will sit up and take notice. You can enter the Guiness Book of Records with Godzilla. Your name will written in the history books. Of course, if you do happen to use Zilly for evil, then the history books might not be so kind.

These are just a few thoughts on how having Godzilla as a pet would make life easier. Who knows, may be inside, Zilly just wants to be loved and hugged. In fact, why don’t you catch the movie and see this amazing monster lay waste to the world.  

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1 Comment

  1. Anand

    May 14, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Those are some wild imaginations..
    but ever thought about how you would feed him…. : P ?

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