The Great Sardaar: Film Review- A Half-baked Revenge Saga

Verdict: Yograj Singh is the only silver lining in an otherwise dull film.

At the time where Punjabi film writers and directors are attempting fresh scripts, venturing into the paths not often taken, to the extent that heroes are being converted into superheroes flying across cities, comes Great Sardaar which takes the viewers back to the Punjabi films of 80’s and 90’s. Enmity between the good and the evil, a group of villains annihilating hero’s family and the hero ultimately taking revenge, Punjabi film audience has seen it all over the years. Does Great Sardaar succeed in entertaining the audience? Sadly, no.

Gurjant Singh (Dilpreet Dhillon) is leading a normal college student life when he runs into trouble with a classmate who happens to be the local MLA’s son. Gurjant’s parents and brother are murdered and sister gets raped. Gurjant is also shot at but he survives. The local sarpanch’s wife (Teji Sandhu) saves Gurjant and tells him the story of Sarpanch Hakam Singh aka Great Sardaar (Yograj Singh) and how he was killed by the same people who murdered Gurjant’s family. How Gurjant exacts his revenge forms the rest of the story.

The problem of Great Sardaar lies in its writing. The protagonists in the movie destroy three families and not one reason in the three cases is convincing enough and justifies all the killings and violence. The slightest of tussle between the hero and villain leads the latter to go out on a killing spree. With a rape and murder happening every 20 minutes, the viewer gets uncomfortable after the initial reels are over. Another thing that goes against the movie is the fact that writer-director completely ignores police involvement. With so many crimes taking place, this seems to be a Punjab devoid of any law and order.

Great Sardaar - BookMyShowYograj Singh calls himself a lion in The Great Sardaar, and he does look and roars like one. He has magnetic screen presence. Given the fact that he is in the title role, the viewer awaits his entry which happens minutes before the interval. He does manage to lift the movie with intense acting, high voltage dialogues and blood thirsty eyes. Dilpreet Dhillon, in his second outing as an actor, gets adequate opportunity to display his acting skills, but he fails to impress the viewer. Ashish Duggal as Baba seems apt for the role and draws instant hate from the viewer.

The director, Ranjeet Bal chooses a story (Teji Sandhu) inspired by the movies of 80’s. He tries to be as raw as possible, but the writing (Karan Sandhu, Akshay Singh, Dheeraj Kumar) has nothing new to offer. There are major flaws in the direction as well which are hard to be ignored. The dialogues (Karan Sandhu, Akshay Singh, Dheeraj Kumar) especially the ones uttered by Yograj Singh are clap-worthy. The music (Jaggi Singh, B-Trix and Desi Crew) is average.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch Yograj Singh roaring like a fearless lion in a jungle free from any law and order. If you had loved his movies of the era gone by, here’s another one on the same lines. This one is not for the kids and weak hearted. 

By Gurlove Singh

Release Date: 2017-06-30
Language: Punjabi
Director: Ranjeet Bal
Genre: Crime, Action, Drama
Cast & Crew: Yograj Singh, Great Sardaar, Teji Sandhu, Dilpreet Dhillon, Ranjeet Bal, Ashish Duggal
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