Great TV shows that got canned after one season

There is nothing like binge watching a TV show. An entire weekend dedicated to watching the 4-5 seasons of this new TV show you just discovered. Now imagine watching the first season of a show you liked, but you can’t get any more of it. BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T ALLOWED TO SHOOT ANY MORE SEASONS!

Hell hath no fury like a binge-watcher betrayed. How could they do this? How could they cancel this awesome show without giving it a second season at least! Damn, is it frustrating. Here are 8 such shows that faced the studio’s axe and were never to be seen again:


In what can be termed as the perfect transition from film to television, Outsourced beautifully captured the cultural confusions between America and India, and certainly deserved a second season. The problem was its split audience. While some appreciated the show’s genuine humor, other thought it was a tad bit racist. In all honesty, the show was funny at all the right places and had some smart writing too.


The show that spawned a monster following, Firefly created a phenomenon known as Browncoat Nation. Set in the future, with cowboys, space ships, awesomely human and twisted characters, all of whom are struggling to survive; this show captured the essence of the frontier spirit. Joss Whedon had intended for this show to run for a minimum of 5 years. Due to dismal numbers (or so they say) the show was cancelled by FOX (Curse you, Rupert Murdoch, gollum of TV). Ranked 9.2 on IMDB, this show came back as a film. Such was the power of the fandom. 

Freaks and Geeks

Judd Apatow is one of the finest directors of comedy in Hollywood today. But before he created magic on the big screen, he created this gem. Freaks and Geeks shed light on the mindset of two of the most ignored groups in high school – The freaks and geeks. The stars from the show are today the biggest names in Hollywood – especially James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segal. Yet the show happened to be too ahead of its time and was shelved after the first season. Only to find recognition later and develop a cult following. Today it is revered by TV fanatics all over the globe.


There is no doubt that the movie was disappointing. But the 2014 TV series gave us something we always wanted. An awesome protagonist. Matt Ryan successfully brought the English accent back to John Constantine. Compared to the film, the show was more in-your-face and the horror element was ever present and evolved continuously. Unfortunately, the show  wasn’t picked up for a second season, and amidst a lot of hue and cry, the show’s creators never cited the reason for it being shelved. For shame.

New Amsterdam

Before he was Jaime Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was John Amsterdam. A soldier from the 1600s, who was granted the gift of eternal youth. He has now lived through 400 years of crime and is alive in the 2000s as a cop. No matter the crime, he knows what’s happened before anyone else. The viewers ignored such a great plot and acting performance from Nikolaj. This ended up in the show getting canned altogether. The critics loved the show and that’s no surprise.

$#*! My Dad Says

It’s always a delight to watch William Shatner at his absolute snarky best. And this show did not disappoint. It had a funny plot and gave us some interesting moments. But it wasn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, as they didn’t want to see an old man rant. What’s wrong with this world?

No Ordinary Family

Everyone who has watched The  Incredibles has wished for the movie to return. But that hasn’t happened so far. However, we did get an incredible family in this show and it was as good as could be expected. The show had amazing special effects, genuine problems faced by a super-powered family and great performances, most notably by Michael Chiklis. The show had a tough time finding the right audience during the prime time. And its few fans were left disappointed. 

The Flash

While the 2014 version of the TV show has amassed a huge fanbase and a lot of accolades for staying true to its source material, let’s not forget that someone tried to create the magic back in the ’90s. Though the special effects were okay, it was the crimson red suit and story-driven plot kept us hooked. As usual, it couldn’t connect with the correct audience and had to be pulled to a stop.

So as you can see, we missed out on some great stuff due to TRP concerns. Yet filth like Honey Boo Boo and Meet the Kardashians is still on. Damn. What does that tell us about mankind!

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