DC comics’ lesser known superhero finally hit the screens in 3D. For those who aren’t fans, here’s the mythological background. The universe is divided into 3,600 sectors. Each sector protected by a Green Lantern, one of a group of intergalactic peace keepers sworn to keep order throughout the galaxy. Each Green Lantern is entrusted with a ring that gives him the super powers and a lantern to power it. After many years in captivity, having been captured by Green Lantern Abin Sur (Morrison), evil being Parallax escapes, killing three Green Lanterns and fatally wounding Abin Sur. Sur crash lands on earth and sends the ring out to find a replacement. It chooses cocky, arrogant test pilot Hal Jordan (Reynolds), the first human ever chosen.

Phew, now while we are trying to grapple with that intergalactic plot, there is a romantic angle and another villain as well to give company to our soul devouring Parallax. So, Green Lantern has so much to say and so little time that it ends up being a hosh-posh of plots and every character is half heartedly explored while most things remain unexplained. But one still finds something worth watching about it. Could be the charming Ryan Reynolds, the graphics or the fact that now we finally understand the workings of another superhero apart from Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

As far as the performances go, yes. Mr. Reynolds, you look super hot in that tight green suit but try contracting and relaxing your facial muscles to emote anything other than a surprised look. Blake Lively tries her best in a no-show role as the love interest Carol Ferris. So, overall no-one has much to do and it’s up to the plot and direction. Dialogue however is highly self conscious and amusingly sarcastic in parts.

So, overall it might be a good weekend watch for superhero loving kids who don’t care much about character development and also for fans of the comic.

[Rating: 2]

Malvika Rao



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