Rating: 3.5/5

GTA V was probably, by far, the most anticipated game this year! After all, Grand Theft Auto is the one franchise that pretty much every gamer in the World has played. Be it an FPS or an RPG lover, GTA has always been the go to game! GTA tells the tale of three men who are stuck on the same spot in life. One wants to run away, one wants to embrace it and the last is just pure crazy!

Here’s a short review of how we thought the game fared:

On the graphics front, you can see that a lot of aspects have been added! It is the one thing that you would notice about this version of GTA. The graphics is pure awesomeness. Yes, there are a few annoying bugs here and there but then overall this game’s graphics is madness! The level of detailing in a few parts of the game is quite intricate. They got it perfectly right!

On the music front, GTA V has delivered. On most fronts atleast. The radio stations, however, did not really live up! Barring two radio stations, the rest really were not that great and could have been far far better! An overall good catalog, though!

The voice acting – There is only word to describe it. Phenomenal!

Coming to the gameplay, the fifth rendition of the game throws in a good deal of solid improvements (if you compare it with th previous GTAs). Character shifting was awesome throughout the game play. The one good thing was, while you shifted the character, the other ones would not just sit around! They would do their thing. However, it is a good thing if you finish one character’s mission and then go to another. Things just get awfully complicated and tedious otherwise. Oh, there is also Golf and Tennis as additional games. Fun!

Some missions were a let down. Very repetitive at times and you could pretty much guess the course of action as well as the scripting! Some missions had extremely strong scripting but the others were not really up to the mark!

Finally, the story! The one thing that I did expect out of GTA V was an insanely good plot! But what it delivers is something mediocre. Actually, a little better than mediocre, but still something that would upset fans! I did feel that there were bits of the story was not very well presented!

The game, overall, has a good mix of scripting and insane graphics! The story could have been better. But even with all the trivial issues, this game is something that you should definitely go for! Super stuff!

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