Gunday Maare Entriyaan: The Music Launch

Watch out! Gunday are here! The story of two childhood friends who turn into hardcore tough guys. With the world of the coal mafia and old-school Calcutta set as the backdrop, we get Bikram (Ranveer Singh) and Bala (Arjun Kapoor). Two best friends who reach the top of the food chain by the strength of their own hands and their combined criminal skill. The year is 1971, the war has only just got over and corruption is rife in the city of Calcutta. In the midst of the mayhem, we have the awesome duo. To add fuel to the spark, we also have Nandita (Priyanka Chopra) who plays the cabaret star with whom both the guys fall in love. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, this film looks to be one wild ride into the world of Gunday.

YRF Studios has just released the music of Gunday. Tune Maari Entriyaan, made its debut at the music launch which was also the first-ever press conference for this film. The stage was set. The look was old-school Calcutta. There was a phuchka stall, Calcutta-rolls, a whole paan stall and even an old black and yellow Ambassador Taxi placed right in the middle of the stage. The whole atmosphere brought back the life and the world of Calcutta in the 1970s. On stage, the primary backdrop was the locomotive. Not a real one, but a reasonable copy. Slowly people started trickling in. Members of the press, critics, movie execs, and of course us. After a while, everyone was asked to take their seats, as the press conference was about to begin. Not a single member of the audience was prepared for what happened next. The cannons went off and showered the whole area with confetti. And the song ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan‘ was played over the speakers. On two screens by the sides of the stage, the video was played. 
The song and video is a story of how these two best friends, Bikram and Bala, realize that they have started to fall for Nandita. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are kickass. The music started to swell. The lights faded and all the audience was left with were the visuals and the awesome song playing. You can listen to this song all day long and you will still not get enough of this tune. As the song started to trail off, everyone waited with bated breath for the two stars of the film to take the stage. Once again, they pulled off another shocker. As all the eyes were upon the stage, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor burst into the press conference. Running in between the crowd, they started to raise the energy of the place. After the song was over, they both took to the stage and the press conference officially began.
Ranveer and Arjun then began to engage the seated members of the press. In fact, their camaraderie was clearly visible. The both of them seemed remarkably at ease. As Arjun said during one of the questions “since I started shooting this film, I genuinely believe, our dosti has gone to a deep-rooted and honest level. It goes beyond the work that we do.” To which Ranveer added “Hum do panchhi, ek daal ke". They then introduced Priyanka who joined them on the stage, looking quite ravishing. As the three of them posed for the shutterbugs, it was obvious to all, that there was this genuine friendship that shone out on stage. After a few moments, all three of them brought the director of Gunday out, Ali Abbas Zafar, to resounding applause. No sooner did the four of them take their seats on stage, the questions started to fly. Each was given due consideration and response. One of the questions asked was about what the young bucks learnt from Irrfan Khan. Arjun responded that they learnt a lot by just watching him work and they held him in high regard. The four of them were seated quite comfortably and they enjoyed the questions thrown at them. Priyanka Chopra was wearing a colourful jumpsuit which showed off her frame quite nicely, if I do say so myself. The boys were wearing jackets, boots, jeans and t-shirts. Each of them were looking like they just stepped out of the set of the movie. The director, Ali Abbas Zafar, was looking quite dapper, dressed in a shirt teamed with vest. He exuded confidence. As the press conference came to an end, Ali Abbas Zafar dedicated the movie to Yash Chopra. He made it a point to mention that this was the last script which was read by Yash Chopra before his passing. They then brought the music director Sohail Sen and lyricist Irshad Kamil on to the stage. With confetti cannons firing salvo after salvo, the album was brought out. With a final round of photos, the Gunday press conference ended with the exact way it started, with a massive BANG!
The entire music album of the film captivates you start to finish, with melodies that are catchy, soul-stirring and rocking. Priyanka Chopra’s cabaret number is elegantly sensual. Listen to all these songs and tell us what you think about them. 

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