Because Guns And Knives Are Too Mainstream

Disclaimer: The content below can be too intense and disturbing for some readers. It is advised to read the same under parental guidance, regardless of how old you are.

In Bollywood movies, the term "cinematic liberty" is often exploited and we get see a lot of unreal and unusual things happening onscreen. Being a fan of action-thriller movies, the different (creative) kinds of weapons used have always intrigued me. Here are a few unusual weapons used in movies that will make you think "What? Wow! Just…why?".

Ice dagger – Pushpak
Pushpak - BookMyShow
An old classic starring Kamal Hassan, Pushpak, is a treat to watch. The film expresses a lot in spite of being a silent movie. Coming to the point, Tinnu Anand who plays the killer in the movie was intelligent enough to kill without leaving any trace of the murderer. The weapon used here were daggers made from ice. In this time, where nuclear weapons are in, this is, by far, the best idea I have ever come across. But ever wondered what was going into the writer's mind that he thought of this? Brr!

Screwdriver – Fight club: Members Only
Fight Club - BookMyShow
Not THE Fight Club, but the Bollywood movie of the same name. If you remember, there was an unfortunate, multi-starrer Bollywood movie called Fight club: Members Only. In this movie, Ashmith Patel uses a medium-sized but sharp screwdriver to kill a couple of people in the movie. The ironic thing is that there was Suniel Shetty aka Anna in the movie, who is famous for blowing up military tanks all by himself, and then there was a teenie-tiny screwdriver yielding man going around killing people. Insulting!.

Bigger screwdriver – Ek Villain
Ek Villain - BookMyShow

Riteish Deshmukh, who solved the whole mystery of that aforementioned hathiyaar used in Fight Club: Members Only, got so intrigued by it that he decided to use it whenever he kills a person next (on screen, of course). Enter: the psychopath lady-killer of Ek Villain with a bigger version of the same screwdriver.

Claw Hammer, Zinda

Zinda - BookMyShow
Without going into much detail, let's just say that a hammer was used by Sanjay Dutt in the movie Zinda, though it is not unusual to use a hammer in order to hurt somebody. But here it was used to pluck teeth out of a person's mouth. Sorry for that disturbing detail, but what must be said must be said. Sanju Baba, sir, don't you think tongs would have been better and easier?

Rocks – The Stoneman Murders
The Stoneman Murders - BookMyShow
Inspired by real incidents, the movie, very aptly named, revolves around a real life serial killer active in the 80s, who would kill homeless street-dwellers, while they slept peacefully, by smashing their heads with a huge rock. (Guess he didn't like the song "Koi patthar se na maare" and hence rebelled real hard. No one tells him what to do!) What remains interesting is that the case has not been solved, till date, and the killer might be lurking around. Never have I ever been more grateful about the roof over my head.

A "brush" with nails instead of bristles – Lakshmi
Lakshmi - BookMyShow
A brilliant film by Nagesh Kukunoor, Lakshmi, is a real (and brutal) portrayal of female trafficking. The director himself played the role of a pimp called Chinna. He didn't really kill anybody but there was a thing that he would hit the girls with – a wooden stick with nails at the end of it (look at the picture for more clarity). I cannot imagine what would have been the inspiration for such a brutal and unusual "weapon". Whatever the inspiration, Kukunoor nailed it…quite literally.

If we move away from serial killing, there are many movies that can give us 101 lessons in 'spontaneous use of things around you as weapons' (I call it prop-weapon). To name a few: in Singham, Ajay Devgn uses the nearby street light to take care of the goons, in Rowdy Rathore they use a combination of the Sudarshan Chakra and an iron rod, and last but not the least, Gadar, starring Sunny Deol, where he puts his dhai-kilo-ka hath to perfect use by uprooting a hand-pump.

Well, sometimes creativity and sometimes an inspiration, these and many more movies have left me with just one question for the writers. What was going in your mind while thinking of all this?

Hope you all have a peaceful sleep tonight.

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