Halloween is around the corner, and that means it’s time to dress up! If you, like us, have been too busy to bother with Halloween, it’s okay. We have made you a list of 7 types of looks you can pull off with minimal time and effort. Just make sure you have a full makeup kit ready, with different colors of eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, highlighter, contour make-up, bright and dark lipstick, lipliner, and lots and lots of foundation. For Halloween looks, it is always better to have foundation a shade or two lighter than your regular skin tone. Once you have your makeup in place, all you need is our list. Choose any of these 7 looks and get ready to rock this Halloween.

Witch makeup - BookMyShow

What You Shall Need: Foundation, green face paint, contour make-up, sponge, green eyeshadow, black eyeliner

What to do: This is the easiest and the most classic Halloween look. And all you need is green face paint and contour make-up. Apply the face paint over your base makeup with a sponge. Cover the face, neck, hands, and any other visible skin. Contour along the hairline, temples, sides of the nose, hollows of the cheeks and jawline. Use green eyeshadow with black eyeliner to complete the look.

Clown makeup - BookMyShow

What You Shall Need: Light foundation, eye pencil, black eyeliner, rouge, red lipstick, red lipliner

What to do: Now you can put the curly colorful wig you bought on a whim to good use. Use a white makeup base for your face and neck. If you want a white clown face, apply more makeup around the eyes and lips. You can also do this with red, or any other color you want. Outline these patches with black eye pencil, and use eye liner for your top and bottom eyelids. You can also add two red spots with rouge on your cheeks.  Finally, put on your red nose and you are ready to start clowning!

Tim Burton makeup - BookMyShow

What You Shall Need: Light foundation, black and glittery blue eyeshadow, contour make-up, black eyeliner, dark lipstick, red lipstick, lip brush

What to do: Want a pale-skin, smoky-eyed, contoured look? Get your inspiration from Tim Burton characters! All you shall need is white makeup for your face, contour for the areas mentioned in the witch look, dark lipstick, dark eyeshadows, and eyeliner to get Jack’s skeletal look from The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you want to be the Queen of Hearts, use glittery blue eyeshadow for the eyes and red lipstick to draw the outline of the heart on your lips. You can later fill it in using a lip brush.

Vampire makeup - BookMyShow

What You Shall Need: Light foundation, highlighter, black and red eyeshadow, mascara, eye pencil, contour make-up, dark lipstick, red lipstick

What to do: Apply your base makeup, two shades lighter than your skin tone. Use a highlighter on the forehead, bridge of the nose, under the eyes, nose and mouth. Get the smoky-eyed look with black eyeshadow and outline it with red eyeshadow. Do not forget the mascara. Make sure your eyebrows are well done, and use a black pencil to make them darker. You could also use contour make-up, if you wish to. Use a dark shade of lipstick, but keep the center of your lips bright red, for a bitten look.

Cat makeup - BookMyShow

What You Shall Need: Foundation, lack eyeliner, black eyeshadow, mascara, eye pencil, black lipliner

What to do: Get catty this Halloween! All you need is a dark soul and a little more black. Use an eyeliner to draw a line from your top lash to the crease of the eyes. Make a cat-eye shape and fill it in. Top the look with black eyeshadow. You could also add glitter for a glamorous look. Now perfect the strokes with more liquid liner. Do not forget the mascara. Use black eye pencil for the face makeup and black lipliner to outline the lips. Make sure you only color the tip of your nose. Once you’re done, get ready to meow!

Cleopatra makeup - BookMyShow

What You Shall Need: Liquid blue eyeshadow, black and gold eyeliner, eye pencil

What to do: To get the Cleopatra look, you need to nail the eyes. Start out by applying a blue liquid eyeshadow over your lids up to the brows. Using a black eyeliner, draw a line across the lower lash, right up to the brow. Thicken the line towards the end, as seen in the picture. Draw a thin line across your top lash too. On your lower lid, apply gold eyeliner, just under the black, to give it an outline. To complete the look, use an eyebrow pencil to color your brows and connect them to the end of the liner.

Harley Quinn makeup - BookMyShow

What You Shall Need: Light foundation, pink and blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, eye pencil, red matte lipstick, lip liner

What to do: This is one look you need not perfect, because Harley Quinn is imperfect. Use base makeup two times lighter than your normal shade. For the eyes, you can simply use your fingers to dab on the eyeshadow, one pink and one blue. Use black eyeliner around the lashes and a pencil to color in the brows. The makeup on the cheek can be done using eyeliner, too. For the lips, use bright red matte lipstick and line it up with a lipliner. You can even go for a melted look in the lower left corner.
So, who will you be dressing as this Halloween? Tell us in the comments, and do NOT forget to share.

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