7 Ways You Are Not Paying Attention To Your Hands

Everyone loves to look good, and feel good. While we tend to be particularly careful about our face, our arms and legs, even our waist, there is one part of our body that we tend to neglect – our hands. They do most of our work for us, and yet, we barely pay any attention to their well-being. How many people do you think go to a hand-specialist? How many people even know a hand-specialist? It is very important to take care of our hands. That involves more than just washing it before and after meals. Here are seven things you do when you neglect taking care of your hands. Take a look and use our guide to make your hands look and feel good.
You’re not washing your hands enough.
Do you honestly wash your hands before and after meals? Sometimes, you can get lazy and skip the process; we get it. And then you wonder how you fell sick. The bacteria that collects in our hands throughout the day go straight to the mouth if we do not wash our hands before we eat. It is also important to use warm water, as it helps get rid of the bacteria. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly – rubbing them together under the running water, cleaning between your knuckles, inside the nails, the palm, and even the back of your hand.

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You’re not using the right soap.
Do not use any kind of soap, but choose one that is anti-bacterial. You do not need too much of it, just a coin-sized portion should be enough. Wash your hands thoroughly with the soap, making sure it is spread throughout your hands and even below your wrists. Rinse with warm water and be careful not to touch your phone until after your meal is done. That is your biggest source of bacteria.

You do not sanitize.
If lack of clean water is a problem, always carry a small bottle of sanitizer on you. You can even get scented ones, so that your hands not only feel good, but smell good too. Don’t just use a sanitizer before meals, but also after you touch any public surface, like your laptop, train doors, car handles, etc. That way, you can keep your hands bacteria-free at all times.  

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You expose your hands to the sun too often.
Exposure to the sun is also harmful for your hands. You can go on a protest to fight global warming, but for the time being, make sure your hands are protected. Apply sunscreen, especially to the back of your hand. If you notice any lines, spots or even freckles in this area, it is because of the sun. If you’re up for it, invest in a pair of nice gloves that you can wear during the day. You could be starting a new trend, for all you know.

You do not moisturize at night.
The secret to softer, smoother hands – moisturizer! You can put it on just before you go to bed, so that the moisturizer can penetrate your skin for a good eight hours. Use one that is made specifically for your hands as regular moisturizers do not work on hands the same way as they do for our arms and legs. Even Vaseline should do the trick here. Wake up every morning to softer, smoother, and nicer smelling hands.

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Your nails are long and unclean.
We tend to eat with our hands often. Even if you use a fork and spoon, there are certain meals for which you use your hands (we judge you if you eat pizza using a fork and knife). Long nails are usually the stockroom for bacteria, which then enter your food, even if you have washed your hands. Thus, it is necessary to keep your nails short and clean. Get a manicure at least once a month and make sure your cuticles are also trimmed or pushed back.

You use your nails as tools.
Our nails are often used as tools – ripping open cello tape, scratching surfaces, popping zits, removing food bits between the teeth, etc. This not only collects germs in the nails, but also causes them to get damaged. Refrain from using your nails for these activities. For best results, use a Swiss Army knife for cello tapes, and other scratching purposes. As for removing food bits stuck to your teeth, nothing does the job better than toothpicks.

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