Happy Birthday, Rantmaster Kanye!

Known for his jaw-dropping quotes and for being the husband of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West turns 39 today! You may not be his fan, but the rapper is one of the most acclaimed musicians of this century. Yes, he makes music too, when he is not out there organizing fashion shows or picking a fight with someone on the Internet. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, and has won 21 Grammy Awards till date. His philanthropy is not much spoken of either, but the singer has been a part of many fundraisers and concerts for charity. Yet, Kanye West is always painted as the icon who hates everyone who isn’t him. On his birthday, we bring you some of his craziest rants, which prove that Kanye is the King. Of Kontempt. Take a look:

1. When he insulted the President on live television
The rapper raised many eyebrows at the Hurricane Katrina pledge drive, when he said on live television that George Bush did not care about black people. He went off script, much to the embarrassment of Mike Myers, who stood beside him in silence, while the producers quickly cut away.
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2. When he couldn’t take a joke on himself
It became apparent that Kanye worships himself when he sounded off on Jimmy Kimmel for running a sketch on his show that involved children reenacting an interview of the rapper. The children were portrayed as pigheaded and arrogant – the two things Kanye believes he is not!  
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3. When he took away Taylor Swift’s thunder
Kanye wouldn’t let Taylor Swift have her moment under the sun at the MTV Video Music Awards, when she won the award for Best Female Video. Instead, he stormed on stage, grabbed the mike, and declared that Beyoncé’s Single Ladies was the best video of all times. Now that’s a jerk move!
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4. And then called himself responsible for her fame
Kanye did apologize to Taylor later for interrupting her speech. However, in his 2016 track Famous from The Life of Pablo album, Kanye rapped that the incident at the awards was what made Taylor Swift famous. He just wouldn’t let the poor girl catch a break!
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5. When he pulled the same stunt with Beck…almost
Taylor was not the only one who had to bear the brunt of Kanye’s rudeness. At the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Kanye almost got up when Beck won the award for Album of the Year, but luckily sat back down, passing it off as a joke. He later stated that Beck should have given his award to Beyoncé.
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6. When he publically professed his hate for Nike
Considering himself as the king of fashion, Kanye went on a 10 minute rant at Madison Square Garden, calling out Nike and how the fashion world was taking advantage of him. Interestingly, Kanye has a collaboration with Nike’s arch rivals Adidas, for his sneaker and clothing line, Adidas Yeezy.
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7. When he called out Wiz Khalifa through a series of Twitter posts
Kanye even put his own fans to sleep when he went on a rant binge against fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa. After unleashing a torrent of anger on Khalifa for his music, son and baby mama, Kanye revealed that he was irritated on being distracted from his “creative process”. Watchu’ smoking, Kanye?
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8. When he finally revealed what his problem was
I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested,” is something you have heard very often on The Big Bang Theory. Kanye has his own version of the quote that answers all your questions about the rapper. He says, “I’m not crazy, I’m just not satisfied.” Now you know!
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Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that it would be wonderful to live in the humongous world of Kanye West’s ego.
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