Happy Birthday, Woody Harrelson!

Happy Birthday to Woody Harrelson who turns 55 today! Born in Midland, he is amongst the best actors that Texas has produced. The American actor, activist and playwright is a two-time Academy Award nominee and has won an Emmy Award as well. His Emmy Award came from his breakout role in 1985, when he joined the television sitcom Cheers, playing bartender Woody Boyd. Perhaps his best TV performance was alongside Matthew McConaughey, in the highly-acclaimed HBO TV series, True Detective. He starred as Detective Martin Hart in the first season of the crime drama series, which got him nominated for more Emmy Awards.

That is only television. His most notable work in films include his role as Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games series as well as Merritt McKinney in the Now You See Me series. He is well-known for starring in films like No Country For Old MenA Scanner DarklyWhite Men Can't JumpSeven Pounds2012Friends with Benefits, etc. Perhaps his most 'fun' role came in Zombieland, where he plays Tallahassee, who is particularly violent in killing zombies. Another interesting role was him playing a notorious gangster Charlie Costello, in the black comedy Seven Psychopaths. He is interesting in reality too; check out the facts below:
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Woody is an ethical vegan and raw foodist. He has been listed by PETA twice in the '20 Most Famous Vegetarians' list and also as the 'Sexiest Vegetarian' of 2012, along with Jessica Chastain. He only eats raw and dried foods, avoiding sugar and flour. So while filming Zombieland, in a scene where he needs to eat Twinkies (cake snack) he ate custom-made fake Twinkies made from cornmeal. No excuses!
He has had a fair share of legal troubles over the years – disorderly conduct for dancing in the street (causing an obstruction to traffic); resisting arrest after running away from police officers; a fallout with a cab driver; and an assault on a paparazzi photographer. Not being supportive of what he has done or anything, but he has always been a badass.
Harrelson is not only supportive of causes like veganism but also drug reform and environmental preservation. Two decades ago, he was arrested for the symbolic planting of four hemp seeds, in order to challenge a state law, which did not distinguish between marijuana and industrial hemp. He was acquitted of the charges years later, soon becoming an advisor for the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Well deserved.
Woody is also the lead singer in a band called Manly Moondog and the Three Kool Kats. Owing to his aforementioned pro-marijuana stand, he has also featured as a guest on Ziggy Marley's track 'Wild and Free', which advocates the growing of marijuana and hemp.
His first marriage was to Nancy Simon and it was a sudden decision. So sudden that they decided to annul it the next day itself. However, when they got to the venue to begin the proceedings, it was closed, so they remained married for the next ten months. In 2008, Woody married long-term partner Laura Louie. They have three daughters, Deni, Zoe and Makani – who he calls the 'Goddess Trilogy'.
Woody Harrelson - BookMyShow

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