A long weekend calls for friends, family and DRINKS. Especially, when you know there won’t be any tormenting Monday blues this week, your head automatically says 'Yes!' to an all-night party. But we all know what happens when you party all through the weekend; you regret it on Monday and curse yourself for drinking so much because getting out of bed seems more difficult than ever. Worry not, we have a cure for you, this Monday. As per research, cheese is your best friend when it comes to annoying hangovers. Yes, CHEESE. And what better way to celebrate World Cheese Pizza Day- 5thSeptember – than with a delicious, fully-loaded cheese pizza.  

To commemorate this very noble day, we thought of sharing some healthy tips that can help you enjoy your favorite junk food item, guilt-free. Read on to also get updated on some fun facts about this Italian masterpiece. 


Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow
1)Ditch the conventional white-flour crust and go for whole-wheat dough for some extra protein and fibre. 

2)Pita pockets are found to be the perfect size for a personal pizza and the whole-wheat part adds an extra nutritional kick.

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow

3)Tortillas aren’t just supposed to be a part of Mexican food- a tortilla can serve as a healthy base alternative for a thin-crust pizza. 

Fun Fact: Men are more likely to have pizza. Come on, ladies, time to roll up our sleeves. 

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow
1)Tomato Sauce cooked at home: It is the classic without a second thought. However, we recommend you make your own pizza sauce and avoid the store-bought versions which are loaded with preservatives. We bet, it will taste better, too.

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow

2)Go green with a basil pesto sauce on top of the crust. This drool-worthy sauce adds some healthy greens and Omega-3’s to up the health quotient.

3)Hummus is a safe option if you want to go a bit experimental with sauces. The chickpeas add some extra fibre and are sure to satisfy any taste-bud.

Fun Fact: The most expensive pizza in the world has edible gold as an ingredient. Wow!!

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow
1)For all the meat-lovers out there, grilled chicken is the way to go. Paired with a barbeque sauce, this one is sure to taste like heaven. 

2)To get a dose of extra proteins- add tofu to your list of healthy toppings.

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow
3)Want to make Popeye proud? Stop cringing and add spinach to your pizza. It bakes perfectly in the oven and goes really well with feta cheese.

4)Make your mommy happy and top your pizza with some broccoli. Vitamin C, folate and fibre are just a few benefits of this green veggie.

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow

5)Avocado, the superfood, cannot be missed and is a key ingredient to breakfast pizza. 

Fun Fact: The risk of esophageal cancer is reduced if pizza is consumed once a week. What are you waiting for? Start gorging now! 

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow
1)Mozzarella cheese and pizza go hand-in-hand for many of us. And why not? It is found that if you use fresh mozzarella on your pizza, you will end up consuming lower sodium than the processed versions. 

2)If you love the tangy taste of goat cheese, then go ahead with it without thinking twice because it is low in fat and higher on protein than the rest of its kin.

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow
3)Shredded parmesan is another healthier cheese option, since a little bit can go a long way. 

4)If you are a fan of feta cheese then choose the low-fat version, and you are good to go.

Fun Fact: Chefs did not want to popularize pizza because they considered it as poor people’s food. We are glad they weren’t successful in their endeavor. 

Happy World Cheese Pizza Day - BookMyShow

Now that you know a few good ways to go healthy with pizzas, treat yourself with your favorite combination on this World Cheese Pizza Day. And don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and followers!

By Niti Desai

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