It’s that awful time of the year! Summer’s just here, and we already want it to go away. Like always, the heat is unbearable. To top it all, it’s extremely humid, so any efforts to look your best are completely wasted once you step out. While there’s not much you can do to avoid the heat, you can get your body to cool down. All it takes is the right kind of food. This season is not ideal for red meat, alcohol, and fried food. Save those for later. Instead, this is what you should be having to beat the summer heat:  



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One of the biggest problems you are likely to face in the summers is dehydration. Having foods high in water content is thus very important. Cucumbers come to your rescue at this time. You can have this with every meal and stay ‘cool as a cucumber’.



Summer Foods - BookMyShow

A rich source of multiple vitamins, watermelon is your best friend this summer. Have a couple of slices of this fruit after meals, or drink watermelon juice every day of this season. It will also help you stay hydrated.



Summer Foods - BookMyShow

Talking about foods with high water content, zucchini is 95 percent water. Perfect time to bring out that zoodle-maker you bought ages ago and never used. This is also an ideal vegetable if you are trying to lose weight, which gets a lot easier in this season.



Summer Foods - BookMyShow

Blinded by the killer rays of the sun? Here’s corn to the rescue! It contains lutein and zeaxanthin – antioxidants that filter out some of the sun’s damage-causing rays. So next time, don’t bother with sunglasses, just opt for some bhutta instead.



Summer Foods - BookMyShow

Now, an onion cannot be eaten raw (unless you like it that way), but you can add it to lots of other things and whip up a fantastic meal. With amazing cooling properties, onion can be put in anything – curries, dips, chutneys, salads, etc. Just don’t fry them!


Lime water

Summer Foods - BookMyShow

This is your go-to drink this summer. It’s cheap, available everywhere, and will work wonders. The best remedy from the scorching heat, this drink can be had with sugar, salt, masala, and even honey. Nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of nimbu paani!


While it’s best to stick to cooling foods and drinks, there are also foods you need to avoid if you want to beat the heat. Take a look at them here.


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