Heropanti: Film Review – The start of a career or just another job?

Heropanti doesn’t really tell a story. It is more of a showcase, a launch vehicle so to speak. Sabbir Khan directs the newcomers Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in this topsy-turvy-misunderstood-young-hero-movie. The length of the film begs the question, how in the world is the story not going anywhere. Filled with cliches and standard characters, we get the feeling the movie tries too hard at being taken seriously. 

Heropanti is about friendships, love, parental love, age-old traditions, youthful rebellion and the understanding about how all these things come together in our society. Or atleast it is an attempt at it. 

The film starts off with a look at small town life and the rules they follow. There is the standard patriarch of the family whose word is law played by Prakash Raj. His daughter (Sandeepa Dhar) is about to get married. And everything just goes wrong from there. In the middle of all this, there is a manhunt which takes place. Enter Bablu, played by Tiger Shroff, the guy who is The Go-to-guy for all troubles and tribulations. He will sort everything out. Thrown into this mix is Dimpy, played by Kriti Sanon, who has aspirations but seeks to break away from the role of dutiful-daughter. And soon Bablu and Dimpy are thrown together. As the movie progresses, romance blooms but will it survive the clan’s restrictions and parental wrath. In due course, we get to see Tiger Shroff perform his own stunts, dance, spout one liners, and generally try to make his presence felt.

The down-sides are quite a few. The movie drags too long. There isn’t any punch for this storyline by the end of the film. The sad part of the story is that it tries too hard. There are far too many cliches which take place and you will be left wondering why. The premise is good, but the finished product doesn’t follow through. As the movie is a launch vehicle, it does just that. You are shown that Tiger Shroff does his own stunts, that he can dance and that he can deliver the hero’s one-liners. However, you don’t get to see his acting shine through. There isn’t depth to the character of Bablu. Kriti Sanon is the young and beautiful daughter of the local thug. She tries her best to act and in some parts she does a little. But in the end, she is relegated to being the pretty girl that has the hero’s heart in thrall. That’s is all. Her character, Dimpy, is just simple. That is just it. Nothing complicated about this girl at all. And there in lies the flaw. No complications means that she doesn’t add much to the plot. Prakash Raj is alright as the father and head of the clan. He delivers quite a strong performance. That about sums it up. The rest of the cast is just wallpaper. Added to fill screen time. The music is overdone and quite hammy. As are the lines themselves. If this kind of cheesy stuff irritates you, then you might just strain a muscle by rolling your eyes a lot. The locations are generic and rather cliched. 

In the end, why should you watch this film

This movie is 2 and a half hours of watching a young man show off his body, his fighting skills, his dancing skills and attempt to show off his acting prowess. He can fight, he can dance and he can deliver his one liners without issue. The acting might take a little work, but hey maybe Tiger Shroff has what it takes to be a modern day Indian action hero. Kriti Sanon is very likable. There might be times when you will wonder who looks prettier, Kriti or Tiger. Your call, really. The movie will enable you to just enjoy a movie without worrying about using your brain. All in all, a movie for the weekend. 

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  1. dileep patidar

    May 24, 2014 at 10:54 am

    nice review

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