Horror Movie Sets that were Haunted!

Think horror movies and you picture blood-stained windows, headless figures and sneaky jumpscares. While they’re a thrill to watch, they’re a pain to make. We know how scary these films turn out to be; what we don’t is all that goes into making them. Endless hours on the set, putting on costumes and pounds of make up, and innumerable special effects – all go into the making of that one scary movie. And then again, what if the movie set itself was haunted? Sets of some movies that are listed among the best in the genre were believed to be haunted. Some crew members were inexplicably injured, some even died and there are other creepy stories from such sets. Read on to know more:

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

This movie does what one expects it to do and does it well – it manages to scare the pants off its audience. The 2005 film featured Jennifer Carpenter, who played Emily Rose. In an interview, she said how the radio on set would start by itself and play “I’m Still Alive” by Pearl Jam in the wee hours of the night.

The Omen

One of the eeriest films ever made, The Omen has quite the cult following with horror fans. The cast and crew had their own horror stories to tell though. Executive producer Mace Neufeld and Gregory Peck‘s planes were struck by lightning while an animal handler on the set was eaten alive by lions. It doesn’t end there. Post release, a special effects artist met with an accident, in which his co-passenger was decapitated in a way very similar to a death sequence in the movie.

Rosemary’s Baby

On the sets of Rosemary’s Baby, the crew met with its fair share of ill luck. Mia Farrow was served with divorce papers, music director Krzysztof Komeda met with a fatal accident and producer William Castle had a kidney failure. A year after the release of the film, Charles Manson murdered director Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife.

The Exorcist

During the filming of what many consider to be the scariest movie ever, a studio fire reduced the MacNeil residence to rubble. The fire set the makers behind schedule by six weeks and they actually called a priest to bless sections of the set, just to allay the cast and crew’s fears. There have also been eight deaths associated with the film.

The Amityville Horror

Few weeks prior to the shooting of The Amityville Horror, a dead body washed up on the shore near the set. Actor Ryan Reynolds also reported waking up at 3.15 AM, each night, as did the rest of the crew.

Phew! Talk about creepy tales.  

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