Throwback Thursday: How 2016 Would’ve Ruined Hera Pheri

Let’s start this by making you feel old – Hera Pheri released on this day, 16 years ago. Google later; for now, take our word for this. 16 years, things have changed, the world has changed, and your lives have changed. What are we getting at, you ask? Let’s say Hera Pheri was to be conceived in the current times, these times of smartphones and a gazillion apps; how redundant would the original plot be? Just so you know, it hasn’t been easy for us, ruining a classic, but we have tried because you know, idle minds?

Truecaller and Hera Pheri

For those people who managed to skip this awesome app, let’s quickly tell you what it does. If an unidentified number tries to get in touch with you (or you call one), this app will tell you who the number belongs to. It’s a caller ID on steroids!

 Now imagine an apocalyptic world where Hera Pheri is without Babu Rao cursing the callers asking for Devi Prasad and Star Garage. No confusion leads to no fun. Fail!

Rakh, teri m** **” would inevitably be “Chaman Jhinga, phirse???? Bh**** **"

Wait! We would pay to hear this too. and Hera Pheri 

Finding a place to live in Mumbai has always been as difficult as searching for love and acceptance in life. We are kidding, of course. Getting a good place is obviously more difficult. But with sites like NoBroker, it has become easier to find good places without those pesky brokers.

Both Raju and Shyam would have gotten better places to live and they wouldn’t have probably hatched this awesome pseudo-kidnapping plan. Fail!

Nope, there would be no coconuts hurled at Babu Bhaiyya, no “Aye! Mujhe bhi fight maarne de”. Sigh!

LinkedIn and Hera Pheri

There was a time in Bollywood where the proud first class first gold medallist [sic] graduates would knock on the employer’s door for “naukri” without “sifarish”. If Ghanshyam had enough “connections” on LinkedIn, he would have stopped to smell the flowers because there would have been job options galore. No, we are not being paid by LinkedIn to say this. 

You’d probably see Shyam working as an accountant in a posh glass building in town, or maybe as a horse whisperer. Who’s to say? But without the desperation, Shyam would have never participated in the plan. Fail!

 Well, at least he’d have a girlfriend who’d be smart enough to get him the right-sized shirt. 

Google Maps, Uber and Hera Pheri

Remember the time when Raju, Babu Bhaiyya and Shyam go to collect the ransom and lose their way? Well, if this were today, the three would be passing the phones to each other in order to give directions to the nearest Uber driver to pick them up to go to Kabeera. No one would’ve suspected a thing. But with Google maps, they would have never lost the way, and would’ve gotten caught. Fail.

No “Videocon ke factory ke aage….mat aana…peeche aana”. The Uber surge though would have surely made them kidnap another grandchild of Devi Prasad. 

Snapchat and Hera Pheri

Let’s, for a moment, forget that Snapchat is used for doing things that the moral police is not kicked about. Let’s just say it is used to share photos that destroy themselves in 10 seconds or less. 

If Devi Prasad were to play smart and ask for his kidnapped granddaughter’s photo on Snapchat, our lead trio would’ve been exposed. Mad fail.

*The above GIF is for representational purposes only. And because Paresh Rawal is awesome here and kicks major butt.

Also, for Kabeera’s benefit; this would have helped him know how Sunil Shetty only wishes he looks like Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Just saying. 

While we are on the subject, we would have liked Raju and Babu Bhaiyya to hook up with someone using Tinder. Swiping right all the way, baby!

Do this tonight: celebrate 16th year of Hera Pheri by watching it with your Hera Pheri loving friends and LYAO. So long!

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