How to Get a Girl – Bollywood Style

It is the month of February and romance is in the air. And while you're inhaling this air, how many times have you imagined meeting a Raj or a Simran in a train or at a coffee shop? Many times, right? Don't worry, you're not alone. Bollywood does that to you with those over-the-top dialogues, appropriate amount of lighting with just the right kind of background score, synchronised on-the-spot dance routines and all the things you can only imagine to be real. Nobody does romance like Bollywood, we all know.

With time, Bollywood heroes have taught us how to get a girl through many ways. Sometimes the formula could lead you to jail if tried in real life but as they say in Bollywood movies – nothing is right or wrong when you are in love. So as you try and woo the girl of your dreams the Bollywood style, do try all the following things that are taught to us by the Prems, Rahuls, Rajs, Maddys and other "love-gurus" Indian film industry has given us.

Sing a romantic song and dance to it
Singing has always worked, especially when you have random people from the streets dancing with you in sync.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Lie about your identity
Because telling her who you truly are is not as cool. What if she doesn't like your real name!

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Follow the girl till she says yes
If she doesn't like you the first time she might like you the next or after that. Stalk her, go behind her everywhere and creep her a little. *Tadaa* you are her boyfriend now.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Consider her no as an agreement
It's time to forget about decency and respect because ladki ki na matlab haan. You have been hearing this since you were conceived.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Convince her by giving her all the things in the world
Shower her with gifts that she needs and with stuff that she doesn't need. She will be impressed by your generosity.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Treat her badly, leave her for another girl. Go back to her after 10 years.
If a girl likes you, she will love you forever. Try your luck with other girls, prettier girls, and if they happen to die, you can always go back to the first one after almost a decade and rest assured she will ditch everything to be with you.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Don't notice her till she transforms herself into the "feminine" avatar
You have to have a girl who dresses up sexy and stunning. Casual dressers and tom-boyish girls can only be your best friend.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Save her from goons
Ask your friends to tease and harass her and then jump in and save her from them. Tadaa – You are the hero of her life because she clearly cannot take care of herself.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

Die and come back
Gifts and stalking are too mainstream. Try dying and then coming back from the dead somehow. That's a definite formula of getting the girl.

Dating Bollywood Style - BookMyShow

If you are the guy who is smart enough to know that these tactics don't work on girls in real life, you should go and simply talk to her and tell her. She will talk to you in return and she might like you too. If nothing, she will appreciate your confidence.

How many of you filmy heroes have tried these tricks in real life? Let us know in the comments below.

Thumbnail and images created by Utsav Patel.

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  1. youknowwho

    February 20, 2017 at 10:39 am

    The images are so funny

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