10 Things To Do Before Attending A Crazy Holi Party

Holi is the best festival ever! You book for a Holi party, dance, drink and play with colors. Everything becomes so colorful that it automatically makes the environment cheerful. But there are people with sensitive skin and a threat to them are people who love to use synthetic color during the festival for fun. These colors are not easy to deal with and end up affecting your skin. While most places have adapted to herbal and organic color there are always of a bunch of mischevious kids who like color people with strong colors and you must be ready to deal with them.

So, keeping everything in mind, we have a checklist for you guys so you can prep yourself for a crazy yet safe Holi party:


Moisturisation is the key to keeping your skin right during Holi. It helps reduce the side effects of color on your skin and the color comes off easily too. So make sure you apply oil to your hair, face, neck, hands, and feet. You can use baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, or any other oil that suits your skin. Mondays are usually closer than they appear and no one wants to look like an anthropomorphized cotton candy in the team meeting.


Colors make your scalp really dry, especially the area above your forehead where the hair density is comparatively low. Wearing a bandana can save you from excessive gulaal in your hair. You can also apply oil to your hair in order to keep the color from affecting it.


If you are a Bollywood+Holi enthusiast you are wearing white clothes, we know. But those who think colors not coming off from your clothes is an issue then wear black and you'll be sorted. You can also choose to wear fabric that dries up easily or fabrics that absorb less water. For those who will be wearing shorts or sleeveless tops, make sure you apply oil on your hands and legs too.

Go unplugged

You are celebrating Holi to chill and take a break from the daily routine. Keep away your phone and other electronics and stay in the mood (and the real world) without checking them every other minute. It will also save them from water damage and the chances of losing them are reduced. We think you'd like to go home happy and colored not anxious.

Valuable items

If you intend to play with colors, avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying valuable gadgets because in the spirit of Holi there will be a lot of people and chances of misplacing things are pretty high. Also, you don't want to keep anything thing that can worry you at the party.


There will be a lot of water on the floor so avoid wearing heels or fancy footwear. Take out your rubber slippers or footwear that has a good grip. Because you can dance to Holi songs only if you are intact. 


You can wear shades and glasses to save your eyes from color. Make sure you wash your eyes immediately if the colors get in contact with your eyes.


Make sure you do not ingest any color because it might make you a colorful person. JK, obviously. The colors can be harmful to you to eat so make sure you wash off the color near your mouth and use a spoon instead of your hand to eat.


Holi parties are fun but you might also need something to carry everything that you cannot carry with your colored hands and in your wet pockets. So you take a bag and carry waterproof/poly bags in it to keep your phones/electronics/money/cards safe, wet tissues to help you clean up a little, an ointment just in case you get a scratch or fall because of the water and to carry your share of revenge colors ;).


Please make sure you use organic and herbal colors, so it doesn't affect your skin, or your friend's skin or mother earth. It is also advised for you to play with dry gulaal powder because you know there is a water shortage in the world.

Post party

After you are totally colored, it is always advised to get rid of the color the same day. However, some colors are tough and don't come off easily. Do not wash and scrub your skin too much. Make a paste of besan, curd, and sugar and apply it over your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. It will help get rid of the colors while keeping your skin clean, moisturized and nourished.

Now that you are all set for a Holi party, all you need to do is find an awesome happening Holi party. We are considerate that way. Skip all the steps towards party hunting and click here to check out the most happening Holi parties in your town.

Most important of all, be safe and have fun. Happy Holi, you guys!

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