What to look out for – Nirmiti Sawant’s killer double act and Ashok Saraf, doing what he does best.
What not to look out for – Any semblance of logic and also the mosquito repellent and other ads thrown in.

bhargavi-chirmule-sachin-pi.jpgIt’s the kind of comedy that is very much along the lines of “No Entry”, “Welcome”, “No Problem”, “De Dhan Dhan” etc. Although the above films were made in a different language and with bigger budgets; what makes “Ideachi Kalpana” feature as a comparison is some stellar performances.

Penned by Kshitij Zarapkar, the story has a typical mix of confused situations, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and everybody’s favorite comedy gig – the double role. Except the writer here decided to take it a notch higher and make it a triple role. So it’s obviously triple the confusion and triple the dhamaal.

Jayram (to avoid confusion, let’s refer to Jayram as Sachin Pilgaonkar -1 as I mentioned, there are 3 of him). So yes, Jayram is an aspiring actor, a crazy Sachin Pilgaonkar fan and also his look alike (go figure). In a talent contest, where he is about to mimic Sachin Pilgaonkar (confused?), he meets Preeti, who is also a crazy Sachin Pilgaonkar fan (my head is spinning already). For Jayram, it’s love at first sight. However, Preeti commits a hit and run using her brother’s car (who also happens to be the police commissioner) and the victim is Jayram.

ideachi_kalpana_01_l.jpgEnter Manohar (Ashok Saraf), Jayram’s lawyer brother-in-law. Manohar is a fraud lawyer who likes out- of-court settlements. He has never won a case in his life because he has never fought any at all. They have all been settled outside court. Yes, his ghaflas and golmaals are so in-famous that people count their fingers after shaking hands with him. Now that’s good character development. Well, moving on, Manohar is hit by a brainwave (“Ideachi Kalpana”) to use an injury sustained by Jayram in his childhood and claim that the hit and run caused the injury and in doing so sue the commissioner for half a crore. He somehow convinces Jayram to play along. What follows are some hilarious fights and jholjhal situations between the commissioner and Manohar. But when Jayram finds out that the car was actually driven by the commissioner’s sister Preeti, he wants to tell her the whole truth and breaks into her house (when he is supposed to be acting like he’s paralyzed waist down). Instead of finding Preeti, he is confronted by the commissioner.


Now the commissioner is hell bent on proving that Jayram is completely okay. But Manohar finds a solution to that too. Enter Shriram (Sachin Pilgaonkar 2). Shriram is actually Sachin Pilgaonkar playing himself in the movie. But he agrees to pretend to be Jayram’s twin brother because he wants to help a budding actor (who is also a Sachin Pilgaokar fan and look alike). Now at this point I begin to wonder if the movie is about the director’s (Sachin Pilgaonkar) self obsession or his real life multiple personality disorder. Either way, what ensues is a plot thick with comic situations and a complete comedy of errors. It includes a killer double role performance by Nirmiti Sawant and also the entry of Jayram’s actual twin brother (Sachin Pilgaokar – 3), an NRI.  If you haven’t banged your head in confusion already, then go watch the film cause on your way to sorting your confusion you will have some genuine laughs.

To all Marathi cinema fans, all I can say is that this is definitely not Marathi cinema’s best comedy but it includes some great performances by stalwart Ashok Saraf (bollywood should really learn comic timing from him) and Nirmiti Sawant. But my vote goes to Sachin Pilgaonkar for directing this mad-cap film and making sure each audience member walks out fully aware of his self obsession.

Verdict – Go for it if you’re looking for 2 hours of full time pass, but make sure you leave your brain at home.

[Rating: 2.5]

Malvika Rao

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    4 a non marathi college goin girl like me it ws vry easy 2 relate2.

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