Incarnate: Film Review – Horror Movies Can Be Confusing Too

Verdict: Similar to The Conjuring, only worse.

Horror movies tend to be very simple. There are the usual tropes – a haunted house, a murky past, betrayals, revenge, possession, etc. The truth is revealed by the second half of the movie, and the protagonist almost always thwarts the ghost or spirit or any other supernatural being in the movie. Horror movie fans tend to complain often about ‘the same old story’, craving for something new in their favorite genre. And now, they have something they did not see coming. Brad Peyton and Ronnie Christensen attempt to create something new in horror, but we are not sure if this is what we wanted.  

Incarnate follows the journey of scientist Dr. Ember (Aaron Eckhart) from his first encounter with a demon named Maggie to finally finding her. Ember has the unique ability of entering the subconscious minds of  the possessed, and freeing them from the grips of the demon possessing them. He seems to be obsessed with the demon Maggie, and after finding her possessing the body of a young boy, he decides to help him. In the course of two days, we learn much about Ember, his past, and the reason for his obsession. But Maggie is not going to let go of the boy easily, and she has an upper hand on Ember, which makes it difficult for him to reach the boy. But he must destroy Maggie once and for all, even if it kills him too.

Incarnate movie still - BookMyShow

The story is very confusing, and even though it is mostly portrayed chronologically, it is difficult to keep track. Many storylines run parallel to each other, adding to the confusion. David Mazouz (the possessed boy) is convincing in his two roles – the young boy and the demon – switching between them effortlessly. But Aaron Eckhart is the real star of the movie. Definitely not his best role, the actor mostly plays his part right. The other actors do not make much of an impact, as there is barely any focus on them. Although you’d recognize Carice van Houten as Melisandre from Game of Thrones, you forget she’s even a part of the movie.

The film, overall, is unimpressive, even though the story is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Only the horror scenes are worth a watch, and even the regular people with black eyes will run a chill down your spine.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you are a horror film buff, catch this film to watch something different in the genre. There’s a unique and scientific way of performing an exorcism, and Incarnate explores that. So, if you’re into sci-fi stuff, give this film a try. 



Release Date: 30 Dec, 2016
Language: English
Director: Brad Peyton
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Cast & Crew: Aaron Eckhart, Carice van Houten
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