Cougar Alert!

[Rating: 1]

Director: Pawan Gill

Cast & Crew: Sunny Gill, Simran Kaur Mundi, Alyy Khan, Achint Kaur, Yuri Suri, Samar Virmani, Mansi Multani

Synopsis: This is a coming of age story of Rohan Bhatia and Neha Kapoor, two young, hip, effervescent individuals whose lives change forever once they meet and fall in love. Rohan is a brash, cocky, ambitious, 24 year old MBA graduate who wants instant success and he`ll do anything to make that come true! Rohan moves to Mumbai to pursue a career as a stockbroker where he meets Neha, a no-nonsense, strong headed girl who`s come to Mumbai to follow her dreams, the dream of becoming a film actor. Neha is someone who believes in love, but hasn`t given any guy a chance because no one measures up to her standards of Mr. Right. That`s until Rohan comes along and her life changes completely. Both of them have different wants, desires and quests but they manage to come together and go on a journey that intertwines their personal and professional lives where they touch the peaks of love, loss, despair, longing, betrayal and redemption.

Review: Love stories are always a favourite. Men and women alike, feel happy to see happy couples and we cry with them when they are distraught. Love, that warm fuzzy feeling, makes hearts melt, on and off screen. But there’s also immense scope for a love story gone wrong, or a love story going right, the cliched way, but projected wrong. That is exactly what happened with the ‘coming-of-age’ story of Rohan Bhatia (Sunny Gill) and Neha Kapoor (Simran Kaur Mundi) in the new film by debutante director, Pawan Gill, who has previously worked under the Yashraj banner and also happens to be debutante actor Sunny Gill’s brother.  
So, Rohan, a brash young man with ambitions to get rich quick falls prey to a scheming cougar and her right-hand man. Cougar, the urban lingo for rich, older women seeking young men. Here, it’s a well-known television actress, Achint Kaur, and her right-hand man is actor Alyy Khan. Afterall, it is not the merit and an MBA degree that counts but your charm that can get you the riches you aim for easily and how! As seen before, all you need to do is wear flashy clothes and keep morals and ethics aside and voila! You are sorted! Yes, and there is a love story also, with Neha, a headstrong girl aspiring to be a model and actress in the Maximum City. How ironical it is that two strangers in a city hangout at the same places and run into each other all the time? It is also funny how an internship gets you a plush flat somewhere in South Mumbai. Rohan’s father is a retired army officer. In the beginning sequences we are informed that Rohan accused his father for his mother’s death due to illness. It’s ironic how an officer in the defence forces has absolutely no income to cater to hospital facilities. Whatever happened to reverence for the Indian Army? It isn’t very difficult to see the juvenile demeanour in which this is tackled because the writer-director (Pawan Gill) did not bother to do his homework before putting his thoughts across. All-in-all a ridiculous comic film with the heavy duty sappy dialogues. Sunny goes from being expressionless to comically weird and Simran states all her lines in an alien accent. 
A few rare pluses were the songs for the tempo. These might make them an instant hit at the various discotheques and also considering that well-known names like Neeraj Sridhar and K.K. have lent their voices to the songs. 

Now let’s come to a very essential question… why is it assumed that the beauty bags all the riches? I would still like to believe that audiences go to cinemas to watch a good story however fabulous camera work and screen projection do not substitute a good performance. Neither do good looks maketh good movies.  Also, cinema-goers now have a mature outlook so why does anyone need an amateurish look at relationships on the whole? Can two PYT’s not be good friends and confidantes? The disconnect was too magnified in the script. And oh what dialogues! I  was floored to have heard two lovers in conversation saying something like, "hum dono ek doosre ke fireworks hai". Don’t we all know that fireworks are bad for health and generally banned? So does the cause and effect of this dialogue mean the lovers intend to be unhealthy for each other? And viewing it  perhaps may be another health hazard. Ouch…

Known as the dark horse of this week… this cinematic mystery gets curioser and curioser (with all due respect to Lewis Carroll). All-in-all it was a funny film ’cause I guffawed through the movie.

Verdict: This is a typical public service notice, "aapki seva mein janhit mein jaari": an unintentional comic caper!

Saumya Sharma

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