Johnnie Walker – The Journey: Review

Rating: ★★★★

Verdict: An evening of spectacular artists playing the most beautiful music your ears have ever heard!

It was an exceptional weekend in Mumbai as fans from across the country walked into the gates of Bandra’s Mehboob Studios. From celebrities and college students to CEOs and entrepreneurs, Johnnie Walker – The Journey saw a niche crowd this year.

Oranjuice Entertainment put together a brilliant evening for music and theatre enthusiasts, making sure every minute was worth the audience’s moolah. The venue was filled with an air of bliss as familiar faces exchanged upbeat and cheerful vibes with one another.

The Australian acrobatic and theatre group, Dislocate, founded by Kate Fryer and Geoff Dunstan, put up a stunning display of theatrical acrobats. Through most of their performance, the audience was absorbed in the melancholic act. Their extraordinary blend of theatre, circus and magic displayed in their production ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ beautifully depicted stories of five generations that resided in a single apartment.

Next came the Grammy-winning collective – Snarky Puppy. A hefty chunk of the attendees were looking forward to this American jazz-fusion group, more than watching the headliner – Bonobo. And I must say, these fans weren’t a wee bit disappointed. Snarky Puppy are known for showing up unrehearsed and improvising on stage, which makes their fans really connect with them. Unfortunately, there was limited seating inside the auditorium, although the rest of the attendees caught the action on the screen outside, where the atmosphere was laid-back and breezy.

It was a brilliant opening act for what lay ahead – a magical performance by Bonobo and his entourage. Bonobo is one of those artists you simply have to experience LIVE! All of us waited in anticipation for Bonobo to appear on stage, and the moment he did, the atmosphere shifted to something surreal. This maestro of instrumentation swept the crowd off its feet with tracks like Cirrus, Kong, Emkay, Towers and many more.


Listening to live renditions of his latest studio album ‘The North Borders’ caused unified goosebumps across the venue. But the most spellbinding and divine element of the night had to be Szjerdene‘s presence on the stage. The beautiful vocalist was clad in an elegant Indian attire, swaying and singing with immense grace.


And here’s some intriguing trivia – her outfit for the night was stitched by these humble men. We kid you not.

Bonobo concluded his outstanding set post midnight, but the Mumbai mob wasn’t worn out. Personally, I believe December is the most magical time of the year – it’s when the most spooky and uncanny things occur. The Journey will always be a touchstone amongst the unending music events that were held in December. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

(Source: Bonobo’s Instagram)


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