Just Mohabbat- Reasons To Watch The Show Once Again!

It doesn’t seem too long ago that Just Mohabbat was one of our must-watch shows to watch on TV. The show, which was such a huge hit in its time among the children and youth may have lasted for only four years, but is in our hearts forever. While we know where the cast of Just Mohabbat is and what they are doing now; on its 20th anniversary today, why not look at reasons to binge-watch the show all over again? Here are five things Just Mohabbat taught us as kids and why re-watching this show should totally be your plan this weekend!

The Title Track

The popular song ‘Don’t Darofy, Simply Karofy, Just Mohabbat‘ by Kay Kay was not only everyone’s favorite but also gave a meaningful message to love without fear and with innocence.

Buiding Relationships

Growing up means problems. Just Mohabbat was one show that focused on all those little issues with families, friends, relationships.

What about the Characters?

This show will make you believe that not everyone is a bad actor right from childhood. Some just grow up to become one. Lol jk!


If you feel getting along with people is not for you, you can easily avoid those controversial groups and have imaginary friends. Not everyone needs real ones. 

The ‘Love’ Factor

The love triangle between Saloni, Jai and Aditi was quite entertaining to watch. Note down all those things one should not do when in love. 

Now aren’t those enough reasons to watch your favorite show all over again? What are you waiting for?


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