The Bachelorette India Mere Khayaalon ki Mallika starring the audacious Mallika Sherawat had it’s grand premiere on television yesterday. As per tradition, Mallika was being herself on the show, i.e. fake with a fake ‘god-knows-what-accent’. All suitors wanting to be Mr. Mallika Sherawat had more or less the same to offer: exaggerated Punjabi-ness and unexpected gifts. Now let’s just push these wanna-be husbands aside.

What sort of a husband is Mallika looking for? In a recent interview to a leading newspaper, Mallika revealed that she’s looking for someone, "who is self-made, educated, grounded and above all, someone who can be a friend, not just a lover. I prefer men, who take risks in life and are not afraid to speak their mind. I hope that that through The Bachelorette India, I find what I’m truly looking for a friend and soul mate."  
We did a thorough study of the men available that’ll suit Mallika’s requirements and came up with a practical list, albeit a short one, of men from the country.  
Karan Johar
Karan Johar would be the perfect husband for Mallika. He’s rich, would mind his business and wouldn’t interfere much in Mallika’s business(if you know what I mean). In fact in another interview Mallika confessed that in Bollywood, "Karan Johar is the perfect bachelor. He is perfect for me(Mallika). He is charming, successful and has integrity." Hoping that Karan would read this and fulfil her wish. Also Karan Johar is famously known to have a great sense of clothing, he’d definitely help her tone her awry sense of dressing. 
Narendra Modi 
“I am hopelessly romantic girl. I like him (Narendra Modi)." says Mallika, who seems to eagerly wait for Narendra Modi to come on her show and sweep her off her feet. She also declared the soft spot she has for him on the day that she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him publicly. Why we vouch for Modi? He’s rich and…he’s rich. Mallika herself revealed that she is ready to do anything for Narendra Modi and wishes to see him on her reality show. Quoting Mallika, "I am ready to do anything for Narendra ji and it would be my luck if he comes on my show. His presence on the show would be my biggest gift ever from him."
Rahul Gandhi 
Rahul Gandhi has been an obedient son to Mamma Gandhi for a long time now. Most men like their wives to be like their mother. We’re sure that Mallika would like an obedient husband. However Mallika was quoted in an interview saying that she’s not interested in Gandhi. But we’d still like to coax her into giving Rahul baba a chance.  Mallika herself confessed that she prefers men who,"take risks in life and are not afraid to speak their mind." This requirement of Mallika only makes Rahul a more fitting suitor to play hubby to Mallika. (Rahul has decided to take the risk of sacrificing his dreams to fulfil the country’s dreams. *sniff, sniff*) 
Arnab Goswami 
Arnab Goswami, the perpetual loud-mouthed and boisterous news channel host from Times Now has caught our attention. Why you ask? It’s a classic case of opposites attracting. Once Arnab marries Mallika, he’d never have to look for news outside his own home. Famously known to be publicity hungry, Mallika will keep giving Arnab reasons to feature her on her show. Wouldn’t it be cute to watch this couple exchange outrageous gestures at each other on National Television? 
Mallika, hope you’re listening.

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