Keep Calm & Be Disgusting at the Movies…

So, we all go for films. How many of us actually look around just to watch what people are doing? Well, we have and we have revealed quite a bit of what we’ve observed. Also, we are giving you Twitter hashtags to use when you observe these kind of incidents.

The Great Cinematic Nose Dig

When watching a film that you have already watched, or if you find the film rather boring; look around, there will always be these few people who will delve deep inside the film. Now, watch them closely. One point will come where they will unknowingly dig their noses in all glory and dip the same hand into the tub of popcorn. Twitter Hashtags to be used: #KillMeNow #DigDeepAndEat #ExcavateandEat



The Crotch Grabber

Now, when we go watch films that has a lot of sleaze element (not just the perverted way, but even if it is beautiful) you will see atleast 5 men in the audience very slyly grabbing their crotches. I very clearly remember when I was watching American Beauty in the theater. During the interval, when I went to use the restroom, I could not help but notice the fact that all *doored* bathrooms were locked. Twitter Hashtags to be used: #Khudkhushi #MovieJizz #JizzFTW



The Desperados

It is always believed that if you take your first date for a horror film, the girl will end up hiding in your arms. Unless, of course, the girl is scarier than the film’s scary “horror-agonists”. The scared girl will end up in the guy’s arms and voila, all of a sudden, the guy’s head vanishes. God knows where! Twitter Hashtags to be used: #MovieMakeOut #LiveDisgust #GetARoom #MovieMeinMazze




The Farty Boys and Girls

And then there are the fartsers! Every now and then, you will see atleast one person who will very smoothly move his/her lower part of the body about 2 centimeters diagonally and let loose! Also, when you are watching a film and suddenly there is this smell that creeps into your nose and revolves around you like a cyclone. You almost end up passing out, but when you turn your head you WILL find the person. Smiling very amusingly and slyly! Twitter Hashtags to be used: #IamTheFartStarter #SlyFarts #SilentKillers




The Edward Cullens

The worst of them all is this: You are enjoying a film and you suddenly see this one person deeply gawking at you (Works even better if you are a woman). You are so scared that you want to beat the person up like nobody’s business! Twitter Hashtags to be used: #SerialStalker #MeriAankhenTumPeHai #NazarNaaHataao #KabhiTohNazarMilaao



So ladies and gentlemen…. Observe!

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