Kuttram Kadithal: Film Review – National Award Earned!

 ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’– a proverb that tells us that if a mentor/parent fails to punish a child for his unruly behavior, then he’ll grow up to be undisciplined. And most of our teachers and parents have applied this stringent rule to us. But what happens if this rule works against you? A life is changed forever, a family breaks down and society is infuriated. This is exactly what director Bramma G tells us in in his National-Award winning film Kuttram Kadithal.  A hard-hitting film, it explores themes such as communal identity, integrity and education with the utmost sensitivity.

The title of this film is derived from the 44th adhikaaram of Thirukkural, that speaks about crime and punishment. As the title cards roll in, we get to hear an intense argument between a couple, indicating that there is a situation of unrest. We are later introduced to Merlin, who begins to narrate an incident from her life. And thus begins an intriguing and interesting journey. The story shines a light on people hailing from different social backgrounds, and the one disturbing incident that connects them all.
When you have a story that highlights a social message, the performances must add value to the story. And the actors in this film have all performed well. Although they are all new faces, you’re able to connect with their characters almost instantly. The best thing about Kuttram Kadithal is the realistic performances given by the actors. Radhika Prasidhha plays the role of a victimized teacher with perfection, whereas Sai Rajkumar delivers a subtle yet striking performance as the supportive husband. The couple’s chemistry looks so good, that you wish you had somebody like Manikandan by your side to comfort you. Pavel Navageethan‘s performance as the agitated uncle is terrifying, yet the kind of vulnerability he shows in his portrayal adds layers to his role. 
The music of the film is in the form of folk songs. The lyrical poetry adds magic to the scenes.  Bramma’s nuanced script and hard-hitting dialogues offer us an insider’s look into the lives of parents and teachers. He also captures the unscripted realities of journalism. Shankar Rengarajan‘s complementary music and Manikandan‘s camera work give the film a new dimension. The long and over-drawn climax makes the film a bit tiring. But the twist in the climax makes up for it.
Life is filled with complexities. Sometimes petty problems turn into bigger ones. How one deals with these problems speaks a lot of about the nature of that person. Perhaps, this is what the film tries to convey.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch this film for its brilliant portrayal of life, loss and suffering. With a gripping story and convincing performances, Kuttram Kadithal delivers a social message that is definitely going to have an impact on your life.  

Release Date: Sep 24th, 2015
Language: Tamil
Director: Bramma G
Genre: Drama
Cast & Crew: Master Ajay, Radhika Prasidhha, Durga Venugopal, Nikhila Kesavan, Sai Rajkumar, Pavel Navageethan
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