If you're an 80s, 90s kid, you have definitely spent your childhood watching some of the best shows on television. From popular sitcoms like Friends and Full House to amazing game shows such as Double Dare,  Guts and Crystal Maze, television was full of laughter, action and adventure. Some of these popular TV shows are now making a comeback. Netflix has recently revived Full House, with a continuation series called Fuller House. But that's not all! Nickelodeon is all set to revive the popular game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, as a live-action TV movie. You heard it right! Olmec and Kirk Fogg are coming back to TV!

Legends of the Hidden Temple was probably every kid's favorite game show. It had entertainment, fun, danger and prizes! The show always opened with Olmec and the host Kirk Fogg, who would bring a new story each episode, dealing with a treasure from the temple. Then you would be taken to the eight teams with their unique names, who would compete with each other, until the winning team was chosen. This team would finally make the highly anticipating Temple Run to revive the treasure. The game app of the same name does not even compare to the dangers of the temple with its scary temple guards. If you loved this show, you probably have watched every episode, either on television or on YouTube. LOTHT was too much fun to miss. Here are some facts about the show you probably didn't know, even if you're a super fan:
1. Eenie, meenie, mynie, moh!
That's probably how Kirk Fogg was picked as the host of this game show. The producers simply found his picture in a catalog and asked him to audition for the part. After reading some lines from a teleprompter, he was selected to be the host. Lucky for Fogg! Can you even imagine the show without him?
Kirk Fogg - BookMyShow
2. Rock on!
Casting the perfect voice for Olmec, on the other hand, was difficult. After several tries, actor Dee Bradley Baker, was chosen to voice the rock. He would sit inside a 6-feet tall head, with a microphone and also control Olmec's lip movements with a lever!
Olmec - BookMyShow
3. Double role!
The temple guards were played by the crew members of the show. These crew members would help the contestants through the other challenges, before the final Temple Run, where they'd dress up to scare the kids. Some help!
Temple guards - BookMyShow
4. A long shot!
The first episode of the show took 18 hours to shoot! The elaborate set and props were difficult to get used to and the show was too technical heavy. Once the set, crew and contestants were in place, the entire season was shot in days.
Long shot - BookMyShow
5. Cheeky monkey!
Assembling the Silver Monkey was a herculean task. It all looked fine on TV, but contestants struggled to put the three pieces together, since the monkey was facing away from them. Having a guard pop out of nowhere made it even tougher!
Silver Monkey meme - BookMyShow
6. Caught off guard!
The temple guards were known to scare the living hell out of contestants and viewers alike. Their masks and headdresses made them look very real and very frightening. One little girl was so traumatized that she threw up in the Pit of Despair.
Scary guard - BookMyShow
7. Sold to the highest bidder!
It was reported that during Nickelodeon's props clearance sale for the Universal Studios location, Olmec was sold off in an auction. Olmec's head was basically made of foam rubber and maybe lying in someone's attic today.
Olmec head - BookMyShow

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