The Lego Movie

Anyone who’s ever owned a Lego set will be curious to see how those colored plastic bricks lend themselves to a full-length feature film… The good news is that directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street, know exactly how to take those beloved, iconic toys and create a wildly imaginative and visually stunning universe, that forms the heart of The Lego Movie.
Emmet (Chris Pratt) is one of those generic little Lego figures, a lonely construction worker who cheerily follows instructions, and doesn’t seem to mind that he lives an unremarkable, regimented life. When he accidentally stumbles onto the Piece of Resistance, a new friend, Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), reveals to him that according to an old prophecy, he’s the only person in the universe who can stop control freak President Business (Will Ferrell) from destroying the world.
The film’s sheer genius lies in its ability to deliver witty jokes at a rat-a-tat speed. It’s also possibly the only film that allows everyone from Michaelangelo and Wonder Woman, to Abraham Lincoln, Gandalf and Dumbledore to show up in the same place. Each of these characters is employed smartly, and in service to the film’s plot, although some – like Batman (Will Arnett) – get meatier roles than others.
The big message, of creative freedom and encouraging everyone to think out of the box, is spoon-fed repeatedly during the film’s 90-minute running time, but there’s an unexpected twist closer to the ending that highlights the remarkable audaciousness of the filmmakers.
I’m going with four out of five for The Lego Movie. To borrow the very theme song of this film, everything is awesome.

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