Lessons from House of Cards: Why every organisation needs a Frank Underwood.

"Democracy is SO overrated", says Frank Underwood, as he looks into the camera while being sworn-in as the Vice President of The United States of America. This scene, just like many others on the show, is iconic, and even more so thanks to Kevin Spacey‘s stellar portrayal of Frank Underwood. Adapted from Michael Dobbs’ novel of the same name, House of Cards is the perfect cure for your post Breaking Bad blues, and stands neck-to-neck with some of the most-brilliant Drama series of the past. 



This political-drama is brimming with precious life lessons, and gives you some cool dialogues to spurt out when in a fix at work or otherwise. Frank Underwood is cool, suave and calculated. He’s married to a powerful/hot woman, and is honest to her. He plays his cards right and makes sure everyone in Congress respects him. Here are five reasons why every work-place could do with a Frank Underwood:

1. Zero melodrama

Frank isn’t someone who gives in to emotions. He is completely aloof to melodrama, and cares only about getting his work done. Also, his initials spell out FU (if you haven’t already noticed), which means he sticks to his business, and prefers everyone around him does the same. Unnecessary drama at work only hinders the workflow and is something every superior needs to keep in mind.

2. Manipulation is a way of life

In Frank’s own words, "either manipulate, or get manipulated." Without mincing his words, Underwood intimidates his colleagues and opponents. He makes his point, and plays all his cards right, even if he ends up making enemies in the process. 

3. Power matters, not money

One thing that every organisation needs is a person who is authoritative. Someone who makes everyone hate and respect them at the same time. Power has nothing to do with your social status or bank balance, or as Frank Underwood says, "choosing money over power is a mistake almost everyone makes."

4. No attachments

Vindictive and cold, Frank does not need many friends when he stands next to the most-powerful man in the world. But he does not attach himself to other humans because making friends in your work-place is a waste of time and energy. He only cares deeply for his better-half (and who wouldn’t when your wife is the gorgeous Robin Wright!). "Friends make the worst enemies." Need we say more?

5. His word is the final word

No beating around the bush. A man of power has to stick to his word, even when he is up against the President of USA. Remember, "sometimes the only way to gain your superior’s respect is to defy them." Words of wisdom, indeed.

So what will it be? Will you be the Frank Underwood of your organisation or get played like Peter Russo?

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