Let’s football, Zlatan-style!

From worn out shoes to golden boots, he never thought he’ll make it to the big leagues. A living legend that he prefers to be called as, he astonished the world of football with his exceptional footwork on the field. Be it international or national team, Zlatan Ibrahimovic made the world notice his talent. And yes, he did it with style! 

Whether you love or hate him, you simply can’t ignore Zlatan! His cockiness, arrogance and style of referring to himself in third person is adored by millions around the world. He is undoubtedly a brilliant footballer on field, but the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker is also well known for his off-field shenanigans and hilarious interviews.

When Zlatan is playing, you just know that there is entertainment in store for you! Here’s how the Swedish player kept us entertained whether on or off field:

When these were his idea of fun and celebrating:

When he sportingly agreed to play tennis with Novak Djokovic.

When he gave the ‘Do Not Touch Zlatan’ look.

When he stared at Ronaldo with a smirk on his face.

When one of the field attendants tried to take away his water bottle.

When he appeared in an animated video and challenged Cannavaro.

When he got inked for a good cause.

When an opponent tried to get way too friendly.

When he insulted the referee in the most humorous way.

When he gave some of the most hilarious interviews.

When he scored goals in the most mind-blowing style.

And last but not the least, a collation of some of his best quotes.

There you have it, the best of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, just for you. And like I said, no matter whether he is playing, training or giving interviews, he makes sure he does it like a boss.

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