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10 Best Bollywood Style Trolls in The Past Decade

Bollywood is synonymous to spectacular on-screen performances, mind-blowing stories and of course, style. We can’t help but emulate B-town for its fashion and style sense. And it’s not just their on-screen style that makes us go gaga over them, but also their personal style statements that often make us want to steal some of their outfits. But just like us, stars have bad days too, be it a bad hair day or just a bad decision of opting for an out-of-the-box outfit which often lands them in trouble on social media. With the advent of technology, it has become easier for haters to comment and troll celebs for their appearances. And believe us when we say this – trolls are cruel and unforgiving. It’s not easy being in the spotlight and accepting those mean comments but our celebs are sporting enough to not give a damn and give it all back in full ishtyle. If you have missed all the troll action in the past 10 years, here’s a flashback.

Priyanka Chopra: MET Gala 2017

Have you guys always wondered where Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan shot the Guzarish song for Ghajini?

She is taking the film industry by storm, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. But the desi girl doesn’t always get it right when it comes to her outfits. For those who follow fashion, they would know about the kind of limelight PC’s appearance garnered at this year’s MET Gala. In fact, her outfit was trolled all over Twitter with the most astonishing things. But not the one to bog down with criticism, PC retweeted some of the best trolls and laughed about them herself. Whattey boss!!


Priyanka Chopra: Oscars 2017

I know going green is in vogue, but DARN… wearing the whole solar panel on self was pushing it too far! #oscars 2017 #PriyankaChopra pic.twitter.com/L9ql3twviJ

It’s never easy being on the top of your game. We always wish to be able to lead a life as lavish as Chopra’s but what we don’t take into consideration is the amount of flak you receive for one wrong decision. PC’s next debacle on the red carpet was at the Oscars 2017. Twittterati took to relentlessly mocking her geometric Ralph & Russo gown and compared it to the Indian sweet Kaju Katli, Italian tiles, cigarette wraps and so much more.


Deepika Padukone: MTV EMA 2017

10 Best Bollywood Style Trolls in the Past Decade - BookMyShow

She is regarded as the style icon of the country and girls all over the nation would love to swap lives with her even if it’s just for a day. DP never really goes wrong with her outfits and in fact, her stylist is one of the most sought after in the industry. Deepika made her international red carpet debut at the MTV European Music Awards earlier this year and was criticised for her style by a leading international media publication. They also, included her name in the list of worst dressed celebs and termed her look “Bollywood Blunder.” We don’t think she looked all that bad. What do you guys think?


Sonakshi Sinha: IIFA 2017

Sisters of Ramesh and Suresh #IIFAAwards2017 @sonakshisinha @Guttajwala #WWC17 pic.twitter.com/M97TCBoZu3

Sonakshi Sinha has definitely worked really hard on her body as well as her fashion sense. However, the actress is often the target of the Twitterati for her comments or looks on the big screen. She seems undaunted by all this criticism. The 2017 IIFA awards were held in New York and everyone turned up in their stylish bests. However, Sona seemed to have changed her look and this hasn’t gone too well with her fans. She wore a white saree with a multi-coloured pallu and Tweeple couldn’t stop talking about it.


Sonam Kapoor: Cannes 2016


Sonam Kapoor is synonymous to fashion in Bollyland. She has made us proud on the international front plenty of times with her unbeatable style sense. However, Sonam wasn’t spared either by the Twitterati. While many fans drooled over her Ralph & Russo white gown, a few others begged to differ. Her outfit was compared to Rumali roti and even a poccha.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Cannes 2016

When Asian Paints sponsors your lipstick… pic.twitter.com/bexCOmej4P

The coveted label of the "most beautiful woman in the world" comes with a price of its own. The world is watching your every move. So it was only obvious that Aishwarya’s look was scanned completely on the Cannes red carpet last year. No, it wasn’t her outfit that made news but instead her purple lipstick. Yeah, purple lipstick. And obviously, Twitter couldn’t handle this. So they went ahead and trolled her for her choice of make-up.


Ranveer Singh: GQ Awards 2015

10 Best Bollywood Style Trolls in the Past Decade- BookMyShowRanveer Singh is one actor who is known for his bold and unforgettable appearances. He is often ridiculed by the paparazzi for his outrageous outfits which are eye-grabbing. The powerhouse of energy that he is, he often carries it off like a boss. however, this time around it went a little overboard. At the 2015 GQ Awards, Ranveer was spotted wearing printed pyjamas, Sylvester slippers, a shiny bathrobe and a t-shirt with a rather…umm..questionable quote.. Needless to say, he was the talking point, but he asked for it.


Sonam Kapoor: Cannes 2015

Sonam Kapoor's Dress Was Made Off Anil Kapoor's Hair. 😉 #Cannes2015 pic.twitter.com/waXKbXCKDJ

SK has a lot of people to please when she walks the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival because she has set the style bar so high. Since she is one of the most fashionable actors in the industry, Sonam is in the spotlight for her style almost everytime she steps out. At the 2015 Cannes Festival Sonam sported an Ellie Saab couture gown with Chopard ruby drop earrings. Unfortunately, the feathery gown became a butt of jokes on social media where it was called the “The Big Bird Dress” or was even being compared to her father Anil Kapoor – [sic] hairy.


Amitabh Bachchan: Cannes 2013

10 Best Bollywood Style Trolls in the Past Decade - BookMyShowHe is still the reigning superstar of Bollywood and there are no doubts about that. Not only is he one of the best actors in the business but his style statement makes us fall in love with him almost every time he makes an appearance. However, even a superstar makes mistakes sometimes. So when he was spotted wearing this shiny black tuxedo at the 2013 Cannes opening ceremony, it was only obvious that he would be criticised for his outfit. Big B can carry off almost everything with ease but this was a little too much for everyone to take.


Vidya Balan: Cannes 2013

10 Best Bollywood Style Trolls in the Past Decade- BookMyShowBack in 2013, Vidya Balan wasn’t a style inspiration. In fact, she was more than often mocked for her dressing sense. She attended the reputed Cannes Film Festival in an ethnic attire by none other than her favorite designer, Sabyasachi. However, the look wasn’t justifiable for her debut at the renowned film festival. Although the black and white lehenga was extremely regal, the idea of taking the dupatta over her head and giving it a dramatized effect didn’t go well with many.

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