As girls, we take enormous efforts to look our best for any occasion that comes along – getting the perfect dress, putting on loads of makeup, styling our hair in a million different ways. But after all is said and done, removing that makeup becomes a Herculean task and we give into the temptation of sleeping with it. As much as it does not seem like a big deal now, 10 years down the line it will. You will, as a mature lady then, curse yourself for not being a tad bit extra careful with your habits in your 20s. For your life today, what you are and where you’ve reached is chiefly a result of your habits. So here, we give you a list of certain beauty habits to get rid of soon because we want you to stay beautiful for a long, long time.

Popping pimples: Yes, that pimple appearing right before an important event is very to likely to happen. But popping it isn’t the key. It can lead to scarring and the oil from your skin can surely lead to more acne appearing all over.

Not using sunscreen/sunblock: Almost 80% of the damage caused to our skin is environmental. UV radiation can cause hyperpigmentation, burns, wrinkles and of course skin cancer. So wearing sunblock every day is essential. It’s as easy as applying moisturizer every day.

Nailbiting: Everyone who suffers from the nail-biting habit – we know it is a horrible habit but just can’t stop ourselves. Nail biting can expose your nail bed to fungal infections and ingrown nails, which are quite painful. So the solution – use a nail hardener or keep your favorite, expensive nail polish on at all times. Remember, where there is a will, nail biting can stop.

Using dirty makeup brushes: Makeup brushes with product are a great place for bacteria to grow. Clean your brushes once a week. Not only will it help in better and smoother application of the product, but also prevent your face from popping up a pimple or worse, infection.

Over-exfoliating: Of course your skin needs to get rid of the dead skin, exfoliating helps with that. But, over-exfoliating is something you don’t want to deal with.
Redness, irritation, tightness, excessive dryness/dry patches, flaking skin, uncomfortable stinging that persists and burning sensation are signs that you’re overdoing it and you need to stop.

Sleeping with makeup on: Coming home from that amazing party, tired with all that dancing; hence, hopping straight onto the bed. This is something most of us are guilty of. At night, your skin’s most important function is to renew itself. During the day, we are exposed to pollution as well as bacteria and other undesirable substances. The breakdown of the makeup products can block your skin pores, leading to wrinkles and disruption in the renewal process. Keep wet wipes near your bedside table if you are that much of a lazy bum.

Ignoring the pedicure/manicure/cleanups/haircuts appointments: Postponing treatments or appointments is a lazy girl’s habit. But dead skin needs to be removed and hair needs to be chopped at regular intervals. So, go on and pamper yourself.

Over styling your hair: Overstyling is one of the main reasons of hair problems that we face. Over-processing breaks down the keratin in the hair, which leads to breakage, split ends, giving it a dull and dry look. Heat, chemical products and over brushing – minimize these.

Washing hair every day: You wash your hair every day thinking it’s oily. But shampooing your hair on a regular basis can dry out your scalp. So it ends up doing more harm than good. While being hygeinic is great, don’t over do it.

Using old products: Throwing away makeup is difficult, especially since the good brands cost a bomb. However, it is important to throw them away once they’ve reached their expiry. Pimples and horrible skin are definitely harder to deal with than these.