Celebrities proudly flaunt their healthy bodies, smooth skin and great hair. We have heard of some extreme stuff that they do to achieve this. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in donkey’s milk. There are others who include certain insects in their diets to achieve great bodies. But you don’t have to do all this.

A doable secret behind the awesome celebrity bodies and glow are super foods. Different celebs prefer different super foods. Here are ten such foods that these celebs totally swear by

Read on, you will too. 

Livia Firth, wife of Colin Firth is a big fan of Moringa. The super food is great for your liver and blood sugar regulation.  
Super Foods
Chaga Mushroom
Great for strengthening the immune system, Chaga mushroom is a favorite with Katy Perry
Super Foods
This single-celled, green algae, rich in antioxidants and amino acids. Chlorella is Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s favorite. 
Super Foods
Rich in protein, fibre, and minerals, Teff is a great addition to your diet. Gwyneth Paltrow would agree.  
Super Foods
Bee Pollen
Complete with amino acids, B-complex, and folic acid, Bee Pollen is a winner super food. Victoria Beckham loves this super food. 
Super Foods
Chia Seeds
High in omega-3s, Chia Seeds are a great way to maintain your blood sugar.  Miranda Kerr knows.
Super Foods
Jennifer Aniston‘s choice of super food is Kale. Kales are a great source of vitamin B6, dietary fiber and may proteins.
Super Foods 
Coconut Water
Madonna loves this miracle water. Coconut water is great as a natural energy drink. It contains many nutrients and minerals. 
Super Foods
Acai Berries
The berries behind Matthew McConaughey‘s weight loss, Acai Berries are a great source of protein, fatty acids and antioxdiants. 
Super Foods
Goji Berries
Elizabeth Hurley loves Goji Berries. She swears by these anti-ageing miracle workers.
Super Foods

So go ahead and get yourself a super food!