When it comes to getting dressed, a woman never has anything to wear. The closet might be full of colors and designer wear but they will just not be right for the occasion. A very common but colossal problem. So, here is the savior list that can tailor your wardrobe with all the essentials. Some items that you absolutely need, ready and waiting, in your closet.

The key element for the basics, which are the most important part, is a classic design that will last, regardless of the trends or your age. The interesting thing about these is that they can be worn in multiple ways in multiple situations.

A lot of must-haves are black in color, not because the writer here is obsessed with black (well, she is) but because black has many advantages. The color looks flattering on everyone, every body type. Black never gets dirty. No one can make out how often you wear the exactly same black. One can play with almost all the colors while pairing with a black item and accessories are easy to match as well. I guess the point has been proven!

Consider keeping the following in your wardrobe, and getting ready in the morning (or for any occasion) will become easier than it has ever been before.

A Black Blazer
Women's latest Fashion Trend - BookMyShow

A Little Black Dress
Women's Latest Fashion Blog - BookMyShow

Classic Washed Denims
Classic Washed Denims - Women's Fashion - BookMyShow

Crisp, White Shirt
White Shirt - Women's Fashion - BookMyShow

Solid Black and White Tee
Solid Black and White Tee - Women's Fashion Blog - BookMyShow

Ankle-Length Black Pant
Ankle Length Black Pant - Women's Fashion Blog - BookMyShow

Black Leather Jacket
Black Leather Jacket - Women's Fashion Blog - BookMyShow

Nude Strapless Bra
Nude Strapless Bra - Women's Fashion Blog - BookMyShow

Black Tights (Sheer and Opaque both)

 Black Tights - Women's Fashion Blog - BookMyShow

A Basic, Striped T-Shirt

Striped T-Shirt - Women's Fashion Blog -  BookMyShow

Style and fashion trends change quickly but these staples have been there forever. If you think there are any additions to the list, do let us know in your comments below!