11 Pick-up Lines to Use this Diwali

The festival of lights is shining upon us. It is a very auspicious occasion and a festive time for all Indians. Not only is it an official holiday in India, but also in Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. A great time to enjoy gatherings with cousins, friends and family. It is also a good time to, you know, be a little playfulWe've compiled a list of pick-up lines you could use this Diwali. We take no blame for how it might turn out for you, so good luck. Remember, this Diwali, choose fun over pollution. Happy Diwali!


“Hey, wanna go out? I thought that this Diwali, I must date a pataka, instead of bursting one.”

“Is your name Diya? Cause you light up my world.”

“You put the 'Desi' in desirable.”

“Hey girl, is your name Laxmi? Cause you're the bomb.”

“Hey lady, are you the butterfly bomb? Cause meeting you gives me the butterflies in my stomach.”


“Are you the rassi bomb? Cause you've roped me in with your charm.”

“Hey girl, are you a fuljhadi? Cause you're the spark I've been looking for.”

“You and I could make the best combo this Diwali.”

“That's a nice sari you're wearing. Well, you won’t be sari if you go out with me.”

“Is your father a halwai? Because you must be the sweetest mithai.”

“Are you a matchstick? Cause you light me afire!”