We tend to copy the western culture in every possible way. The lifestyle, eating habits and lately even the language is somewhat influenced by the westerners. To an extent, this is good. We are adapting and as some like to believe, evolving. The western influence on the current generation is too strong. One of the influences that has a strong grip is clubbing. With the ever increasing number of night clubs in the country, it’s safe to say that the teenagers are spoilt for choice. Visiting clubs on a Saturday night is now like a routine for some of them. That isn’t everyone’s scene, some of us don’t really like this. If you’re one of them, here’s a list of things you could do instead of clubbing on aSaturday night.

1.Movie night. 
Call your friends over, make popcorn and grab a tub of ice-cream. Movies, food and friends! What else could you ask for? Have a chilled out Saturday night with your favorite actor on screen, favorite friend beside you and of course, your favorite ice-cream right in front of you. 

2.Family Dinner. 
More food! Go out for dinner with your family. Spend some time with them. Not only will this make them feel good, but a fine dine with your folks is a rare thing these days. 

3.Long drives.
There’s more to “Night Life” than pubs and clubs. Hop in your car and admire how beautiful your city looks. If you’re a Mumbaikar and haven’t seen the Queen’s necklace at night, YOU’RE MISSING OUT! 
4.Have a barbecue.
This is something we all want to do but never really get the time. Here’s your chance. Marinate chicken, get some charcoal and have the time of your life. We bet, this is something you’d love to include in your plans once you’ve experienced it. 
5.Get some sleep. 
Yes, we’ve heard the saying, “ Sleep is for the weak” and we choose to ignore it. You’ve worked hard all week and you deserve a few extra hours of sleep. So go to bed early and wake up fresh on a Sunday.
So don’t be sad if you’re not going to a club this weekend, try what we’ve recommended.

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