Admit it, one of the best things about Halloween is dressing up. While some usually pick their costumes well in advance, some of us actually wait until the day before Halloween to put together the perfect look. If you belong to the latter category, rest assured that you still have time for a costume. Really! You need not spend any more of your time googling costume ideas. To help you, we have come up with a few DIY costume ideas. Not only are they quick and easy to do, but they also come without the scary price tag you dread.

1. Queen Bee
If you're looking out to have a buzz-worthy Halloween, dress as Queen Bee.

Requirements: a printable crown template, gold scrapbook paper, pom poms in yellow and black, shoe clips, a head band, hot glue, scissors and black pipe cleaners.

To make the crown, trace the template on the template on the back of the gold paper and cut it out. Using hot glue, fix the two ends together.

To create the antennae, apply some hot glue on a large yellow pom pom. Pinching the pom pom, attach it to a black pipe cleaner. Repeat for the second.

Leaving a bit of pipe cleaner hanging out at the base, attach the antennae to the inside of the crown, using glue.

Next, wrap the pipe cleaners around the headband to secure the crown. If required, add a dot of hot glue.

Once complete, glue small black pom poms around the base of the crown.
Queen Bee - BookMyShow

To make the shoe clips, fold a small piece of of gold paper. Draw a wing shape along the fold before you cut it out.
Bee Shoes - BookMyShow

Next, attach the wings to the shoe clips using hot glue. Add a large yellow pom pom and a smaller black pom pom to the centre.

To complete your look, pair your shoes and crown with a yellow and black striped dress.
Bee Costume - BookMyShow


2. Dancing Girl Emoji
To make it unusual this time around, you can dress as an emoji. Plus, you can use clothing you already own. Just wear a pair of black shorts and a black tee.

Dancing Emoji - BookMyShow

For the ears, you require a thin headband, four black pipe cleaners, black fabric and sewing supplies.

Cross one pipe cleaner over the other before you twist them together at the top.

Next, twist the pipe cleaners tightly on the side of the headband. Repeat for the other side.

To cover the pipe cleaner, cut two rectangles (few inches larger than the ear). Taking some thread in a needle, stitch the fabric around all around the ear and trim excess. Repeat on the other side.Ears - BookMyShow


3. Bat
For something simple, try this bat costume. If you have a black dress already, you're halfway there. For the other half, you need jersey knit black fabric, a thicker black fabric, some elastic, a headband and hot glue.
Bat - BookMyShow

For the wings, fold your jersey-knit fabric in half and cut out inverted scallops on the diagonal.Bat Costume - BookMyShow


Next, cut out two sections of the elastic and sew each loop onto the ends of the bat wings.Loop - BookMyShow


For the ears, cut out four triangles of your thicker black fabric. Sew the right sides of the fabric together, leaving the bottom open. Next, turn your bat ears right-side out.

Attach the ears using hot glue onto the headband. Let it dry, before you put it on.
Bat ears - BookMyShow


4. Pokeball
For those of you who cannot get over the Pokemon fever, this one is for you.

Like in the case of the dancing emoji costume, you can wear cothing you already own. A red top and white skirt work fine.
For the belt, you require minimal effort. You need black felt, white felt, scissors and a glue gun.

First, cut out strips of black felt and join them together. Once complete, measure it around your waist.

Taking another piece of black felt, trace a circle around it. Cut it out. On the white felt, trace a circle that is smaller than the black one. Cut it out. Using the glue gun. Paste the white circle on the black.

Once it dries, paste this on one side of the belt that you just made. Next, attach Velcro fastener on the back. This will ensure that your belt is adjustable.
Pokeball - BookMyShow


5. Snapchat Filter
If you're obsessed with Snapchat, you need not restrict your favorite filters to photos. This Halloween, you can actually wear them as a costume. Here are a few you can DIY:

The Flower Crown
To make this you need wire, green tape, scissors and flowers in different sizes.

After making a crown shape using the wire, cover it with green tape.

Before putting the flowers to use, trim their stems. Holding each flower in place, secure using tape.Flower - BookMyShow

Puppy Dog
For the puppy dog filter, you will need felt (in several colors), headband, scissors, wooden skewers, wardrobe tape and a hot glue gun.

In order to achieve this, simply cut out puppy ears and features from felt. Using the glue gun, attach the ears to the headband. To attach the puppy nose onto your own, use wardrobe tape.

To hold up the tongue, use the wooden skewer.Puppy Filter - BookMyShow

Which one are you wearing this Halloween? Let us know below!