5 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

While there is nothing wrong in giving your loved one a store-bought Valentine's Day card, a handmade card could actually make him/her feel a lot more special because of the time and effort that goes into crafting it.

If you're worried, you must know that making a card does not necessarily have to be as hard as you think. To help you make a personalized card for your loved one, we have come up with a few ideas. Not only are these card ideas cute and extremely easy to make, they also require minimal supplies.

Scroll down to take a look:

Circles cut from pretty paper make fine fortunes. Simply fold the circle in half loosely and pinch just the middle of the circle. Letting go, open the circle up and fold your circle loosely in the opposite direction, adding your fortune.

To complete, use a finger to indent in the middle and push it up. Take a glue dot or hot glue to secure and you're good to go!Fortunes - BookMyShow

Jar of hearts
Using simple supplies like card stock, markers and stencils, you can create this minimalist beauty.

Simply draw out a jar from the top of the paper so it looks as though it's pouring out hearts.

Using a stencil and marker position the letters.

As for the hearts, you could either cut out small hearts and secure them using glue or you could simply draw them using markers in different colors.
Jar of Hearts - BookMyShow

A simple brown paper card
For those of you who want to keep the card sweet and personal, this is it. Just write a loving message and use googly eye stickers or just go in with two thumb presses to create a quick heart.

Brown Paper Card - BookMyShow

Watercolor hearts
If you wish to get artsy, try sunset-hued hearts. Trace hearts out on watercolor paper and get on with your watercolor painting skills.

Once the watercolors dry, you could finish the card with a simple message or let the hearts stand on their own. Completely upto you.
Water Color - BookMyShow

A pop-up card
The best thing about this pop-up card is that it can be made from printables. You just need card stock folded in half, a printable and a mini bunting.

To secure the printable and mini bunting across the card stock, use glue. Simple, isn't it?
Pop-up Card - BookMyShow