The average person spends at least eight hours a day at work and has other household chores to take care of. On the weekends, it's all about catching up on TV shows, meeting friends, and sleeping in. In this busy schedule, most people fail to pay attention to their health. Besides eating healthy food, you also need to exercise in order to stay in shape. So, if you want to work out daily, you have got to make time for it. And with time, we mean just seven minutes. There are loads of apps that help you get an intense full body workout when you are pressed for time. Here are some exercises you must include in your 7-minute workout plan.


This is one exercise you cannot afford to skip. Squats work on the entire body and are great for the glutes.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is a fantastic way to get in some cardio. They burn a huge amount of calories and can be done in one place. 



Planks are hard to perform and if you can hold the position for a minute or longer, you are definitely fit. Till then keep trying to increase the duration with every workout. 

Wall sit

Performing this exercise will help you build a stronger core. Try doing it for around a minute or more.


After squats, lunges are the next best exercise for your legs. There are variations of this exercise and walking lunges burn the maximum fat.