The experience of watching a movie in a theater is unmatched. You see a story unfold on an almost storey-high screen that was captured on 70 mm film. Since its inception, cinema continues to fascinate the audience with its penchant for portraying larger-than-life scenes and sometimes the truth that needs to be reiterated. Modern theaters with their recliners, sound effects and 3D glasses continue to make the experience magnificent and flawless. 
Inspite of all of this, there have been a lot of examples when people would rather prefer to watch the same movie in the comfort of their homes with multiple commercial breaks or no breaks at all. But if you are still a lover of the cinematic experience, we have a few hacks that is going to make the escapade into the world of fiction even superior.


Early Bird Gets the Worm
It is advisable to book shows before 6 pm as the tickets are cheaper than evening shows. This is true for weekends too, so no more spending more for movie tickets. 


Ideal Seating
4fd159d2ccd37a37fba5cfe230d21a851447503738-minIf you want to enjoy the best of a theater's sound effects, choose a seat about 2/3rd from front and slightly off-center for maximum impact. The sound engineer usually sits there to calibrate the speakers.

Panic-free Loo Breaks
runpee-minDownload the app RunPee and never be in a dilemma of whether to continue watching the movie or visiting the rest room. The app advises you about the best times you can take a running break without missing anything pivotal to the plot point.

Use Your Phones. Yes. Do.
cinemark_windows_8-minIf you are neurotic about checking your phone but don't want to blind yourself with the glare and get those dirty stares from the people around you, download the Cinemark app, which launched the Cinema Mode to discourage people from using their phones but we can use it for the opposite. It dims your screen brightness and automatically puts the phone on silent. You can then check your messages anytime without blinding yourself or the ones around you.

Anything After?
screen-4Most of the movies have now adopted the system to pack something extra at the end of credits to reward the people who stay till the very end. If you don't want to miss that, you can download the Anything After app, which tells you whether or not, there are post-credit scenes.

Won't these hacks make your visit to the theaters more entertaining? Tell us about your experience with these apps in the comments below and don't forget to share these with your friends.