5 Instagram Fashion Bloggers You Cannot Miss

Fashion is a reflection of your choices in outfits and the way you present yourself. This is especially when you know that people judge you on how you dress be it for parties, meetings, interviews or casual hangouts. But how do you know exactly what you should wear or what you're wearing matches with the current trend or not? Relax, we aren't in the 20th century. Luckily for us, technology is our friend but you know who are your best friends? Fashion bloggers. Thank god for whoever came up with the idea, it's really easy to just follow them blindly and be confident that your fashion sense is fresh and comfortable. For all those who are confused about whom to follow, you can save yourself the effort because we've listed down five top fashion bloggers of India on Instagram for you to take tips from. No, they are not good, they are great and they totally know what they're doing. Believe us (because we take tips from them). Read on.


Kritika Khurana, popularly known as thatbohogirl, is a New Delhi-based fashion and travel blogger. With almost 400k followers on Instagram, Kritika is easily one of the most popular bloggers and true to her insta name, the girl does know a lot about Bohemian fashion. 

aashnashroff | TheSnobJournal

Initially known as TheSnobJournal, Aashna Shroff is the second most searched fashion blogger we know of and with 320k followers, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that she knows what she's doing. Having completed three years of her blog, this pretty girl has come a long way in a short span. Her out-of-the-box style and experimental fashion never go wrong.


The girl behind caughtinacuff, Riya Jain, is a travel and lifestyle blogger. With 200k followers on Instagram, Riya is extremely famous for her contemporary fashion and is constantly giving tips on how to dress stylishly and be comfortable at the same time.


With almost a 150k followers, not only is Juhi Godambe famous as a personal style blogger but she even launched her own brand Arabellaa early last year with Athiya Shetty as the show stopper. Having achieved so much at just 23, she surely seems to have everything planned for her in the field of fashion. 


Shivani Patil, the pretty face behind the.f.drug, is yet another mini insta celeb known for her fashion. Shivani has over 230 followers and it's not too hard to guess the reason why people love her so much – her style is subtle and easy. Anyone can easily try the outfits or the makeup she speaks of