The funny thing about fashion is that, what you may think is absolutely insane right now, may be the 'in' thing a couple of years down the line. Fashion keeps changing, for better or for worse. It's always about pushing boundaries and doing things that are out-of-the-box. It is all about doing things that will redefine and reinvent. It's about creative disruption, and creating something that's out of the ordinary.

This summer, rampways all across the world are sporting some insane make-up trends. Some will make you cringe, others you may like, and will be willing to try out. Here are five trends that we absolutely have mixed feelings about. 
Fake Freckles
Yes! FAKE FRECKLES… that's a make-up trend.
Bright Blue Eye Liner
This one is catching on. A neat one; the blue liner is worth a try.
Clumpy Lashes
Clumpy lashes were once considered a faux pas. But, like we said, with fashion you never know.
Negative Space Eyeliner
Another must-try trend. Do check out a few tutorials before giving it a try. There are plenty of designs to choose from.
Sparkle Eyes: Gold, Silver or Grungy Black
Soon to be a party favorite. Go for the grungy black one if you want to up the drama a notch.
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