As we grow from being teenagers to young adults and older, we are often taught various makeup rules that we should learn to follow. Unintentionally, these rules tend to dwell in the back of our minds whenever we are wearing our daily share of makeup. Some makeup artists across the globe, however, suggest that we should stop following everything that was taught to us. After all, that is the best thing about rules- they are meant to be broken!

If you aren't sure what you can ignore, you need not worry. Here is a list of some common makeup stereotypes you could easily reject:

Don't #1: Don't wear mascara on your lower lash.
It has been said time and again, that wearing mascara on the lower lashes can make your eyes look tired. However, this is incorrect. Mascara on the lower lashes can do exactly the opposite. Just invest in a good in a mascara with a fine wand. This helps in precisely shading each lash.

It would help if you hold the brush vertically and stroke each lash downward for a defined look. Once the lashes are coated, gently move  the wand to separate them.
Lower Lash - BookMyShow


Don't #2: Women over 30 shouldn't wear lipgloss.
Like many other “rules” for women over thirty, this one, too, should be ignored. Lips tend to get thinner as one gets older, hence, wearing a gloss is beneficial. It makes your lips appear fuller and poutier.
Lip Gloss - BookMyShow


Don't #3: Do not pair a smoky eye with bold lips.
Women have been asked to either do their lips or eyes and never both. Well, well, this isn't entirely true. Nobody wants to make the rest of the face look unfinished.

If you want to do both, you could. However, make sure it is done correctly in order to create a balanced look.

Want a dark lip and dramatic eyes at the same time? You could try false lashes.
Smoky Eye - BookMyShow


Don't #4: Don't wear eyeshadow according to your eye-color.
To prevent the clash effect, one is asked never to wear eye-shadow in the same color as the eyes. However, when the right colors are picked, the look can work.

All one has to do, in order to enhance one's look, is pick a shade that is exactly the color of one's eyes or one that is slightly darker.
Eye Shadow - BookMyShow


Don't #5: Do not use a lip liner that doesn't match your lipstick.
Gone are the days when we'd adhere to this rule. It is time to flaunt the ombre lip.

To create the ombre effect, wear a darker lip liner with a lighter lipstick and simply blend the two using a lip brush.
Ombre - BookMyShow

Ladies, get ready to break 'em rules!